Let the Word sink in – heart, mind, and soul. Share the story with the world.

Seminar Overview

Do you wish that you could have been able to literally walk with Jesus – to see the withered hand made whole or walk with Him on the water? Although space and time intervene, Word by Heart enables you to experience Him through your own imagination.

Join us for the seminar format of the Word by Heart school. Come for one week, or up to six weeks at a time–whatever best fits into your schedule. At YWAM Lausanne, we are also opening up applications to Word by Heart even if you have not yet completed a DTS.

So apply today and learn the method of WBH to use it in your own life and ministry.

Seminar Details

28 June 2018 - 25 July 2018


Lecture: 1,470 CHF


Offered In: English

Other Seminar Options

Word By Heart Philippians seminar with Bruce Khun (in YWAM Lausanne)
12 July, 2017 – 10 August, 2017

To register for this event please Email Us.

Philippians Seminar

Can you imagine Paul under house arrest in Rome, dictating his famous letter to the Philippians? What did it sound like? How would he have said it? How would you say it to people you care about? We will use the tools of an actor and exegete to explore Paul’s words in order to speak them with the same passion and conviction, with the same joy and love he had for his brothers and sisters. Students will not “play” Paul like an actor. However, we will communicate his ideas—word for word from memory—as we ourselves would in his place. We will imaginatively experience his circumstances and make sensible guesses at his reasoning and feelings. Speaking only the words of Philippians, we will give our listeners a deeper understanding of the richness of God’s Word.

Gospel Seminar Information

Main Speaker


Learn how to carry the Word of God from experienced teachers like Word by Heart Founder Bruce Khun and more.

Seminar Schedule

Seminar 1: July 24 – 28

Seminar 2: July 31 – Aug 4

Seminar 3: Aug. 7 – 11

Seminar 4: Aug. 14 – 18

Seminar 5: Aug. 21 – 25

Seminar 6: Aug. 28 – Sept. 1

Seminar 7: Sept. 4 – 8

Seminar 8: Sept. 11 – 14

Want Bruce Khun to speak at your church?

Brue Khun is also available to do his 90 min presentation of the Gospel of Luke at your church, youth group etc. between the 12th and 26th of July. If you would like to find out more about this opportunity please Email Us.


A one man play compiled from the actual journals of John Wesley by playwright Brad L. Smith. by BJ Johnston (open for church or youth group to host). If you would like to find out more about this opportunity please Email Us.

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