Let the Word sink in – heart, mind, and soul. Share the story with the world.

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Hide the Word in your heart. It belongs there. Start with James. In just five weeks, you can remember James word for word—without memorising. It’s true. We don’t memorise verses; we understand the ideas, in the exact words of the author.
Just as James himself wrote to encourage brothers and sisters to persevere and live consistently in what they had learned in Christ, you will be able to remember this book – word for word – and encourage others around you as you speak those verses out.
One of the most known verses of this epistle is in chapter 1, verse 22, which says: “Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” Our invitation to you would be: “Do not merely listen to the word…but know it by heart!”
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Word By Heart : Gospel Seminar w/ Bruce Khun
1 July, 2018 – 25 August, 2018

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  • I was terrible at memorizing in school—just could not do it. But with this method, it's like I already know the words!

    Suse Germany
  • When I try to remember the words, they go away. But when I remember the story, the words just come...

    Mica Brazil
  • I'm seventy-six years old; I can't remember where I left my keys. In fifty years as a Christian, I have never engaged with Jesus on this level.

    Paul USA