Word By Heart

Let the Word sink in – heart, mind, and soul. Share the story with the world.

Training Overview

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Do you wish that you could have been able to literally walk with Jesus – to see the withered hand made whole or walk with Him on the water? Although space and time intervene, Word by Heart enables you to experience Him through your own imagination.

“Let the words of Christ, in all their richness, live in your hearts and make you wise. Use his words to teach and counsel each other. Sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs to God with thankful heart.”

Colossians 3:16 NLT

Lecture Phase

Learn the Word to share it from your heart.

This course is not about acting. It is not about learning skits or drama. It is not about textual study of the Bible. This course is about knowing Jesus personally and sharing him in a unique way through the prism of your personality, humor and language.

Our students have ranged in age from 14 to 70, and from the whole spectrum of language and culture. That diversity deepens the work in an interactive community where we learn about six minutes of text per week. At the end of the course that will equate to a full 90 minute word by word presentation of a Gospel.

By Heart

Use your God-given imagination to place yourself in the context of Scripture. Once you have seen Jesus in this way, your natural memory will be unlocked. These stories will become so personal to you that you will simply remember them and then retell them as if they happened to you — using the exact words of Scripture.

Engaging with Jesus in this way will change you. Jesus lived the most impacting life ever lived. As you draw close to him, he will start to transform you. You will experience a surge of energy for him that will empower you to spread his good news everywhere.

Be a Word Carrier

Dare to be a Word Carrier – carrying the Word of God in you transforms your life. Carving out these 11 weeks to focus entirely on God’s Word is wonderful. Your mind and imagination will be captivated by Jesus and His Spirit. Your thoughts, dreams, prayers, conversations with others will be so informed by the Word that you are internalizing. Then, you have the amazing privilege to share the “Good News that the kingdom of heaven is near” with your friends over a coffee, your family around the dinner table, people on the train, plane, or wherever you go.

Course Content

During this course, you will…


  • Story Text Analysis: the search for meaning in the event
  • Basic Vocal Technique: making meaning hearable, the place and power of gesture
  • Memorization Techniques: creating memories/images vs. rote, paraphrasing, talking and listening
  • Character and Nature of God: Word made flesh
  • Scoring the Text: mapping the story
  • Identity of a Communicator
  • Setting the Scene: creating an imaginary physical memory
  • Communication and Comedy: playing the moment and reliving the story in the telling as if you were an eye witness, getting the laugh, oral tradition
  • Story Arch and Flow: maps, power points, presentations, reviewing
  • Coaching
  • Present Final Projects


Israel Study Trip

Let the truth of the bible come alive in your heart as you travel Israel.

You will have the experience of setting your feet on the ground where our Saviour has walked on. We offer an incredible trip to Israel where you get to visit Jerusalem, the Jordan River, the Sea of Galilee and many other places where the stories of the Gospel of Luke have taken place. The reason we do this is to make the learning much more tangible, practical and adventurous. Also by being in the places mentioned by the Gospels you will better understand the context of the scriptures and be able to create those imaginary memories in a more easy and impactful way.

Word By Heart School is a three month school taking place on location. In this phase, the student will learn one of the four gospels by memory. It will be abridged to a maximum 90-minute presentation. At the end of the three months, the student will present their gospel to a live audience.

Although many people couldn’t imagine memorizing a gospel, the cutting edge memory techniques that are applied in the course make it not only possible but also easy. Additionally, you will learn the gospel in your native language. Although the lecture phase is given in English, you will memorize in your own language. We imagine people doing this in Mandarin, Hindi, Portuguese, Arabic, English, French, German, and many more.



  • After this school I feel full and satisfied, as if I just had a good meal for my spirit. The Word of God has filled me and I know I will never be hungry again!

    Joyce Singapore
  • Jesus' suffering and sacrifice for humankind made much more sense to me after I memorized this passage.

    YeJin Korea
  • I've grown very much in my character to become more like Jesus.

    Adeleida Netherlands
  • I catch myself speaking the words of the Gospel while I'm driving...and when I go to bed, I am still saying them! Hahaha!

    Bobbi USA
  • I loved how the stories of The Book became more real and personal to me during this school. You gain a new perspective of Jesus as a human being. Today I see Him in a different and deep way.

    Nathalie Switzerland

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