Word By Heart

Know God by taking His Word deep into your heart.

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    4 Jul. - 18 Sep. 2024

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“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”
Rom. 10:17

What is WBH?

Be transformed through the Word

Word By Heart is an experience that not only changes the way you read your Bible— it will change your life. Jesus was a storyteller. People learned from him in the form of parables and stories, and these stories challenged their expectations of who God is. Step into the shoes and lives of the original hearers and readers of the Bible.

In this school, our goal is that every student would encounter Jesus and be transformed through his Word, just like we see happen in the gospels and the early church after his death and resurrection. Through the eyewitness accounts of the Apostles, people met Jesus. Word By Heart asks the question, “Is it possible to share stories of Jesus’ life in the same way today?” We believe it’s possible to get close.

This school will give you a complete overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation while internalizing word-for-word scripture each week. However, you won’t just study the Word; you will experience it. That experience will change you.

Purpose of WBH

Purpose of WBH

  • Word By Heart equips people to both know Jesus personally and to share Jesus with others in a unique way through using the exact words of published translations of Scripture.
  • Gain tools for lifelong study to know God and His Word more deeply.
  • Engaging with Jesus in this way will change you. Jesus lived the most impacting life ever lived. As you draw close to him, he will start to transform you.
  • Word by Heart opens the door for sharing the Gospel with people in a powerful way!
  • People who speak dialects/languages that don’t have a Bible can begin sharing the
    gospel with their people…within just a few months!
  • Ministry opportunity to serve Oral Bible Translation Projects around the globe using the Word by Heart learning/storytelling methods!

Course Content


The Word By Heart: Genesis to Revelation School combines the three-month Word By Heart School and the Bible Core Curriculum requirements for a University of the Nations degree.

Go deep into God’s story as you get a complete overview of the Bible and delve into the different genres and their purpose. Each week you will study and learn 5-8 minutes of selected stories from both the Old and New Testaments, beginning in Genesis and ending with Revelation. This unique format allows for students to encounter God through his Word where you can experience his redemptive plan personally.

The school includes formal and informal ways of learning such as lectures, small groups, discussions, community living, daily practical ministries, personal study, and field trips.

Regular lectures from international speakers provide students with the historical context needed to dive into the Bible study process. The staff members dedicated to this school are there to encourage, coach, and lead you through this process.

During this course, we will cover..

  • The process of “TruthTelling”
  • Re-imagining the Word
  • Personalization of the passage at hand
  • Learning the exact words of Scripture
  • Retelling the Story
  • Story Text Analysis: the search for meaning in the event
  • Basic Vocal Technique: making meaning hearable, the place and power of gesture
  • Memorization Techniques: creating memories/images vs. rote, paraphrasing, talking and listening
  • Character and Nature of God: Word made flesh
  • Setting the Scene: Creating an imaginary physical memory
  • Story Arch and Flow: maps, power points, presentations, scene study, and cultural understanding
  • How to run a workshop and bring the Bible into your communities and callings


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Get ready for transformation.

Do you wish that you could have been able to literally walk with Jesus and the people in the Bible? Take 3 months to become like an eyewitness to Jesus’ story, the greatest story ever told. Take hold of the Word in this powerful way and sign up today to experience a lifetime of transformation!