Revive and Reach DTS

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Revive & Reach DTS is all about regeneration.

We want to see lives revived and regenerated as they encounter and know the living God. This happens in the classroom, as well as in the city and the nations, as we step out and reach out with the power of the Gospel.

In Revive & Reach DTS, you will explore and discover how to engage your unique gifts and talents in missions. On DTS you will have diverse outlets to develop and use your creative gifts as a way to display the heart of God. You will have the opportunity to present your skills through events, ministries and outreach initiatives – the ideal platform to grow and shine the light of your Creator. It is our prayer and effort that you will discover more of God’s unique calling for your life, as you let His creativity shine through you.

The DTS consists of three months of lecture and two months of outreach.

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