Jan. 2022 Update

Jan. 2022 Update

Jan. 15th, 2022 | Vol. 3 No. 1


2022 Starts Off Strong


This past year, we experienced God’s faithfulness as a base in a major way. With the expansion of our community, we have seen open doors to house new and returning schools on our campus. Our current quarter focuses on established schools that are staples in our campus. We are running our revamped leadership school MLD, DTS, and English Learning for Missions (ELM). We are also running two Bible schools, our year-long SBS program (where students will take 9 months to study the Bible inductively with a 2-month outreach portion), and our 3-month DBS that provides a unique discussional and small group section to the typical Bible study format.


Exciting Secondary Schools Return


Two secondary schools that we are particularly excited to be running this year are the Community Development School (CDS), and the School of Worship (SOW). CDS will take place in April in our second quarter, with the focus of training workers to see the transformation of communities on a holistic, Biblical level at the forefront of missions. The SOW will take place in our 3rd quarter, and will teach on what it means to truly worship. You will look at and experience worship through the lens of Head, Heart, and Hands so you can lead a worshipful life in all areas.


DTS Tanzania Team Connects with Locals


This outreach in Tanzania has been a great opportunity to continue the ministry that past teams we have sent from YWAM and the local Christians have established. Our team has had the privilege to engage with the local church in various ministry roles such as teaching and kids ministry. Additionally, we are involved in house to house visits, building houses for widows, food distribution, and more! During the Christmas season, food bags and clothes are given out to the women and children in the YWAM Arusha neighborhood. Most of them are below the poverty line, as they live from hand to mouth with no savings. Although education is free, many families cannot afford to send their children to school because costs like uniforms, stationery, and travel are too heavy for them. Through these ministries, we have been able to witness many salvations and healings. Our team has loved immersing ourselves into the culture and connecting with the locals. We look forward to seeing how God will continue to use us for His kingdom to come to this nation!


Praying with the locals to see a move of God in their lives and community

Testimony from Team Tanzania

"Going to Tanzania on outreach, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of the team and form high expectations. However, when we arrived and began our ministries, I found myself feeling further instead of closer to God. I was struggling deeply to find the motivation to continue, and I couldn’t understand why it was such a battle for me every day. As we were going from one village to the next, I could sense something beginning to change in me. I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit so strongly almost as soon as we arrived. From the warm welcome by the community to interacting with the locals, my time gave me new vision and joy in my walk as a Christian. I’m now excited to share the gospel! By walking alongside those we minister to, I’ve learned so much even in the small things like my prayer life. I feel more in-tune with God, and I will forever be grateful for the new vision and joy that this community has instilled in my walk as a Christian."


- Maria Huse, Norway
DTS Student


New Strategic Initiatives


As the new year dawns, we are looking ahead to an amazing year. As we have mentioned previously, the campus expansion has opened up many new avenues and possibilities. The strategic impact of the new space is truly profound. As we saw in the final quarter of last year, the number of students and programs we can run at once has increased dramatically. This expansion in our training has also opened the door for more degrees and learning tracks which we are excited to develop more in the upcoming year. Winds of inspiration and innovation have been blowing through our community as we step deeper into our calling to reach the world with the gospel. Aided by the new space and capacity, there are a couple of initiatives underway by members of our community to pioneer new YWAM locations in different parts of the world. In addition to the potential new locations, we are also commissioning some new strategic teams that will be undertaking long-term initiatives in other nations. We are so excited to serve as a launching pad for these new ministry expressions and to multiply our impact across the globe. It is our hope that we can be the wind on the backs of pioneers to see the fullness of the vision God has given to them brought to fruition.

These deep relational connections will also be strategic partnerships for us to collaborate with. We look forward to being able to share more on these topics as things develop. Much of this wouldn't be possible without the enormous blessing of the campus expansion. We look forward to being able to translate that blessing into things that extend far beyond our location, to the ends of the earth. Stay tuned for much more to come in these areas!

Dec. 2021 Update

Dec. 2021 Update

Dec. 15th, 2021 | Vol. 2 No. 12

2021 Video

A short greeting from our campus director, Markus Steffen, followed by two original worship songs written and performed by members of our community. Enjoy!

"As a whole YWAM Lausanne community, we want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! This has been a year marked by many new things. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed to the miracle of the YWAM Lausanne expansion through prayer, sacrificial giving, standing with us in the struggles, and celebrating in the victories. Thank you so much for your faithful support and friendship. As an expression of our thankfulness for all God has brought about in the last year, we have prepared two original worship songs, written and performed by members of our community. These songs reflect our gratitude for the place God has led us to and His mighty hand of protection over us. With these two songs, we also celebrate the coming of Jesus, and the anticipation for him to come again. Please enjoy and may the Lord bless you."

Markus Steffen

- Markus Steffen, Switzerland
Campus Director


Recap of a Fruitful Year of Training

outing photo fun

As we look back over 2021, we have so much to be thankful for. It has been a year that has marked our ministry in a plethora of ways. We have experienced the largest expansion of physical space in our history because of the monumental campus expansion. Simultaneously, French has rejoined the portfolio of languages we offer training in, opening up many new opportunities. Additionally, there have been several new training programs and schools run at our campus for the first time including OBT and English Korean Bilingual DBS. In 2021, over 250 students attended the schools and courses we ran. We are very thankful for the huge opportunity we have had to further the growth and development of each and every student over the last year.

DBS Study DBS classroom

While we are so thankful for all that has happened in 2021, we also have a great expectancy for what is upcoming in 2022. Here are some of the amazing courses we have to look forward to:

Quarter 1: (Jan-Mar)
French English Discipleship Training School
Discipleship Bible School
English Learning for Missions
Ministry and Leadership Development
School of Biblical Studies I

Quarter 2: (Apr-Jun)
English Korean Discipleship Training School
Bible Core Course on Location
Community Development School
Discipleship Bible School
School of Biblical Studies II

Quarter 3: (Jul-Sept)
Discipleship Training School
School of Worship
Outdoor Discipleship Training School
Discipleship Bible School

Quarter 4: (Oct-Dec)
Revive and Reach Discipleship Training School
Discipleship Bible School
Bible Core Course on Location
Ministry and Leadership Development
English Learning for Missions
Foundations for Counseling Ministry
School of Biblical Studies III


Deepened Focus on the Francophone World

Tanzania Outreach

As we continue to reflect back over the last year, we are also thankful for the amazing outreach team we were able to send out into the nations. In total, we were able to send out 12 outreach teams to other nations. In our time of constantly shifting travel restrictions, we do not take this for granted and thank the Lord for the doors he opened for us. Local outreach also flourished in the midst of this year. With our renewed focus on the francophone world, has come a new level of reaching out to our local area. New doors have opened up to partner with local churches and other ministries to see the kingdom expand in our region. Looking ahead to the next year, we are hoping to continue to increase these efforts to reach more people with Jesus both in our local area and the nations we go to.

local outreach Outreach


Great Expectations for Growth

YWAM Lausanne Covered in Snow

2021 has been a historic year for our ministry. After more than 50 years, we have seen the fruition of a dream that generations of missionaries have stewarded and sought the Lord for. The 5 new buildings are the biggest expansion of physical space we have ever seen. This dramatic growth has facilitated an exciting expansion in our community. This has opened the doors to many new exciting and innovative training programs, ministries, and expressions. As we move into this next year, there is great anticipation for what will develop thanks to this new space and capacity. We are still trusting the Lord for more provision for this project. If you would like to financially partner with us to further the future development and growth of our ministry, more information about how to get involved can be found here. For any further questions regarding tax exemption, large gifts, or alternate means of contributing, please send an email to: [email protected]

Nov. 2021 Update

Nov. 2021 Update

Nov. 15th, 2021 | Vol. 2 No. 11


Reflecting back over 2021

new buildings

Looking back, it has been an incredibly fruitful year. Our whole community, staff and students alike, are deeply grateful for what God has done in our ministry as a whole. Your prayers and generosity have made a huge difference. Our property expansion is nearing completion and all of the buildings are filled with staff and young people. 2021 has been a "Crossing Jordan" experience for us. This has included major adjustments and challenges. One of the remaining challenges we are still trusting God for is the release of one million Swiss Francs to bring the construction project to a close. We have seen amazing generosity and assistance so far. We invite you to partner with us in prayer and financially for the last push towards this goal. Thank you so much in advance for your generosity. All information to donate can be found at the button down below. For any further questions regarding tax exemption, large gifts, or alternate means of contributing, please send an email to: [email protected]

DBS study photo


Ministry and Leadership Development School Takes on New Format

mld classroom

Our ministry has been blessed with a dramatic expansion in the last year. With the increase, more space has been created for a new generation of leaders to take up the mantle in many categories. The Ministry and Leadership Development school has long been one of the best avenues we have to raise up young leaders and equip them for all that God has in store for them. We have recently overhauled the course format from a 3 month full learning week school to a 5-week intensive followed by a 19-week ministry involvement where the students are placed in a work-study role that matches their gifts and passions. This individualized approach will be much more effective at developing each student to fully maximize their strengths. The ministry involvement also opens up the door for much more practical skills training. We officially launched the first MLD of this new format at the beginning of this quarter with 10 amazing students. They have completed the intensive and have made the transition to ministry involvement. We are excited to see how each and every one of the students continues to grow and develop over the next several months. Looking to the future, we have great expectations for this newly revamped program and its vital role in the continued growth of our ministry.

mld trip

Testimony from the MLD

"God has been abundantly transforming my heart. In particular, He is teaching me more and more what it means to fear Him. Through this, my thoughts and mind have dynamically changed. God has also put me in a place where he has boldly shown me my original character and used this character to relate to others in the community. I have become so much more interested in loving my neighbours. I especially enjoy discovering the strengths that God has given each of us in conversation and service. The more I learn about the heart of Jesus when He interacts with people, the more I want to be close to that heart. In this season, God gives me the joy to obey what He has told me to do, and I've become more aware of how God's eyes see even the small things. Through MLD, He has been showing me that his plan really is the best, and the best happens when God is at the center of our life and mind. I am really excited to serve our community soon through seeking God's Kingdom first!"


- Miku Ozuka, Japan
MLD Student


July DTS Teams Return From Successful Outreaches

We are excited to announce our July DTS teams have returned safely for their final debrief week. While one team focused more on the challenging work of pioneering in Armenia, the other team has been continuing our established ministries in North Africa.

North Africa:

Seminars, Bible Study Groups, & Health Seminar


For two months, we have been serving in North Africa. It's been such a privilege to live in the midst of this culture and gain God's heart for this nation. We had the privilege to serve in many different ministries, including helping with the R3 center seminars, bible study groups, and a health seminar!

The focus of our outreach has definitely been on building connections/relationships and bible studies. We are seeing that there is a great hunger for discipleship, and we took on the challenge to start teaching as much as possible. We have been part of many bible study groups, pioneering one with orthodox youth in particular. God has definitely shown us the importance and power of His word which truly is living and active!

Family visits with refugees have impacted our hearts tremendously. Many of these people have nothing and are going through great suffering, yet they have their hope and trust in the Lord. Those who don't know about Jesus are very open to discuss Him, and we have heard many stories of Muslims receiving revelations/dreams about Jesus even before they knew who He was!



Street Evangelism, Kid’s Ministry, & Home Visits

The past two months of pioneering ministry and contacts in Armenia have been such a challenging yet joy-filled time! We traveled to multiple cities during our outreach, with Agarek and Yerevan standing out. Our ministry time included street evangelism, kid’s ministry, home visits, leading services, and so much more. Our main ministry time focused on hosting the locals and walking alongside them in discipleship. We had the privilege to run the Alpha course and help many people with their questions on faith and God. There is a very strong mafia presence in the cities, and it was heart-wrenching to see the stark contrast of women dressed in designer clothes coming from homes that are falling apart in a war-torn nation.

We are continuing to pray for open doors for the missionaries who continue to pioneer the work, and we are trusting to see a great move of God and revival in the nation of Armenia!


Members of the Armenia team serve the local farmers with their Persimmon harvesting before Winter sets in.

In Closing

Opportunity to Partner with Us

Just as we bring this update to a close we ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us to help see the rest of the one million francs come in by the end of this year. Details about how to contribute can be found at the link below. For information regarding tax exemption, large gifts, and alternate means of contributing, please reach out to: [email protected]


Oct. 2021 Update

Oct. 2021 Update

Oct. 2021 Update

Oct. 15th, 2021 | Vol. 2 No. 10


SBS Enters Final Quarter of Lecture Phase


Our School of Biblical Studies (SBS) has entered its 3rd and final quarter of lecture phase. After 2 quarters of intensive study and a highly fruitful outreach to Mexico, we have great anticipation for this final stretch of the school. In these final 3 months, the students will dive deep into the Old Testament prophetic books, Revelation, and a final overview of the entire Bible. Exploring these amazing texts will conclude their year-long inductive study of the biblical narrative. We are so proud of the incredible growth each student has achieved since the beginning of the course. It has been a true joy to have them with us since the beginning of the year. We are also looking forward to our next SBS beginning in January of 2022!


R3 Center Sees Leadership Expansion


Our community development center in North Africa, R3, has been continuing to make a major impact on the lives of refugees. Now, in its 8th year, the center is experiencing a fresh wave of growth. We are seeing an unprecedented number of Sudanese stepping up into leadership roles, including a number of women. Team building and development have become a new focus to support the ever-expanding crew. Seeing them taking hold of the vision to better their community, is so exciting and vital to the long-term sustainability of the center. To facilitate the ongoing growth, R3 is also in the process of finding a new location, and we ask that you join us in prayer for the right doors to open.


An Overview of R3 Community Development Center

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The R3 center's primary goal is to bring hope to the communities of displaced refugees in North Africa. We work primarily with Sudanese refugees who have fled due to the war and unstable situation in their home country. The center offers vocational and worldview classes to help the refugees gain the skills and know-how to improve their communities. Some of the vocations R3 offers training in are sewing and garment construction, simple electrical repair, carpentry, and basic computer skills (eg. word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, etc.). These skills enable the refugees to find employment or start their own micro-enterprise to support their families. The center also offers language courses for English, Arabic, and French to aid in the process of integration once the displaced people are able to permanently immigrate to their new countries. The ministry of R3 makes a truly profound impact in the lives of the refugees by not only giving them hope and vision for the future but a practical path to that future as well. This ministry changes the course of lives, setting people on a completely different trajectory, and even shaping future generations.


Story of "Amazed"

In 2017, 4 Sudanese ladies and I began a business project to employ, equip and empower ladies in the local North African community. We called the project "Amazed." Starting with a small but mighty team of alumni from R3's world view and seamstress training courses, we began to create textile products. This created a number of jobs for the Sudanese women, offering a way for them to help support their families. In the beginning, our primary customer and principal investor was YWAM Lausanne, who helped us both in setting up our production space and as a buyer for our products. In our first 2 years, we had sold nearly 450 articles. We continued to strive forward and expand our reach going into 2020, but then COVID forced many of our plans to be put on hold. In this turbulent and tumultuous time, the women of Amazed began to dream of the next steps for the project. They expressed interest in deepening their garment creation skills. Not long after a skilled seamstress came to R3 on an outreach team and was able to impart what she knew to the women. With this additional level of training, the women of Amazed are now able to teach much more advanced techniques than before and are working to create a number of new designs for their local market (currently most of their wares are being sold abroad). Amazed is still very much in an early stage of growth and development. However, already we are seeing strong Godly woman leaders stepping up to influence and change their community. As the business continues to expand, we are looking to add another 3 employees to the Amazed Global team! Praise the Lord!


- Rhoda Aguilar, USA
Amazed Project Director


U of N Record System Team Sprint Comes to Lausanne


The U of N Record System Team

Part of the calling YWAM Lausanne has is to serve YWAM as a whole. As a part of this mandate, we are currently facilitating and hosting a development sprint with the University of the Nations record system team. The record system team is responsible for creating and maintaining the central application database for the U of N. This massive system handles everything from course registrations, to student records and everything in-between for every YWAM base. The team is comprised of both YWAM/U of N staff and external volunteers who work in the software industry from all around the globe. They convene periodically for 2-week intensive sprints to continue to improve and maintain the system. We take great joy in being able to host them and aid in the vital work they do to serve and support YWAM as a whole.


The Record System Team hard at work in the "War Room"


Large Intake of Students Fill Classrooms Across Campus

With our massive intake of students at the beginning of the quarter the new buildings are being put to great use. Here is a window into what it looks like these days around campus.

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