Degrees in the University of the Nations

Do I need a degree from the University of the Nations?

If you knew what the UofN is all about you would want a degree and the experience of being part of an academic environment that will give you a broader view of the world and its many needs and how to respond to these needs in a godly way. The best part of today’s opportunities is that you can find a great variety of options, including some military friendly online colleges.

The UofN is an academic institution that is different from many others around the world, at the same time it has the same goal of excellence in education and a commitment to help students to find and sharpen their vocational skills, not only for the marketplace but also with the vision to train professionals and missionaries in such a way that you cannot distinguish one from the other when they apply the acquired knowledge in their chosen careers.

A degree from the University of the Nations reflects our beliefs about education

We believe that education is for life, transformational of the individual and to bring transformation to society. This approach puts high value on the person, respects learning styles, releases the pressure on students of performance but still encourages creativity in participatory learning.

We believe in formal and non-formal education. Because of this, all students can develop themselves personally and their abilities with the modular system of courses that give them the opportunity to practice short term field assignments.

A degree with the UofN reflects our biblical worldview of vocation

We believe that vocation is a call from God to glorify His name and be a blessing to all the earth. This generation needs time to find their identity and the purpose of their lives in God, because of this, all the UofN courses requires a DTS (Discipleship Training School), so students have time to seek God, to know Him, hear His voice, and set their goals for the future in a measurable and attainable way, as they walk in His intentions for them.

They can choose from the seven colleges of UofN that are related to the spheres of influence in society, according to what they belief is their calling to bring transformation to whole world.

A degree from the UofN reflects what we believe about family

The relational nature of our God, and of our way of learning and teaching at the UofN includes a high place for families. We want to honor those who invest in their children, helping them to achieve their dreams and supporting them during their formative years.

A degree from the UofN is a celebration that honors family, friends, supporters and intercessors, in love, trust, perseverance and gratitude

And finally, having a degree of the UofN is a testimony you give as a faithful servant who is developing his talents, acknowledging your Master and Teacher, and having the same love he has for the World.


Isabel (Brazil) is involved with our Living Word School, coming up this fall.

Find out more about the Living Word School here and about Degrees in the University of the Nations here.


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