Training Programs Overview

Join people from all over the world and be equipped to impact the nations

Seek God’s voice and see the new things He will create in and through you. You’ll work with experienced, professional leaders who truly care about the outcome of their students’ ministries and life callings. Your initiative and vision may become the driving force behind the next generation of missionaries, educators, counselors, politicians, journalists, or business leaders.


Our schools train for holistic growth. Allow God to transform your heart, expand your intellect, and sharpen your skills to serve the nations.


Do you have a heart to learn but are short on time? Seminars allow you to explore a subject in a short time whether or not you’ve done a DTS.


Five months not enough? Tracks string together multiple schools connected by a purpose. Dedicate and take your training to the next level.

Training Schools

Deepen your foundations. Further your education. Dive into your mission.

About Our Schools

YWAM Lausanne offers schools that focus on development for further education, readiness to enter the job market, or a foundation for a lifestyle of mission. Once you’ve completed your DTS, you can apply to any school within the University of the Nations. While it’s not necessary to complete schools for degree credit, the UofN offers many options to attain your educational goals: associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Discipleship Training


Discipleship Training School

The Discipleship Training School is a five month, hands-on Christian training program with a 11-week lecture phase followed by an 8-week outreach phase. The program teaches you how to build an intimate relationship with God, develop personal character, and lead a lifestyle of expressing God’s love to others.

UofN Course Code DSP 211 / 212

Bible Schools


Living Word School

The Living Word School is a different kind of Bible school. We start at the beginning of a book and go through it for as far as we get in twelve weeks. However, we have never finished a book in the four times we have done the school. That’s because the purpose of our study is not to complete a task, but to relate with the author.

UofN Course Code CHR 216


Word By Heart

In this course students memorize five to ten minutes per week of one of the Gospels in their native language and learn to tell the story as an eyewitness might have done. They learn storytelling skills and practice natural memory techniques that differ from a "rote approach."

UofN Course Code CMC 233


School of Biblical Studies I, II, III

SBS I, II, III is a nine-month inductive Bible study course composed of three phases which allow the students to study all 66 books of the Bible. We believe the Bible is inspired by God and can be used as the guideline of principles for all areas of our life and ministry.

UofN Course Code CCC/CHR 211 / CHR 315 / CHR 316 / CHR 214 (outreach)


Bible Core Course

On Location

The Bible Core Course is the place to encounter God through His Word. In this school you read through the entire Bible while learning how to study it for yourself. The BCC introduces students to the inductive method. The BCC On-Location goes to some of the nations talked about in the Bible.

UofN Course Code CCC/CHR 211

Leadership Training


Ministry and Leadership Development

The Ministry and Leadership and Development program is designed to equip young leaders for a life of missions. Through this program, you have the opportunity to serve, lead, and grow in your character as you learn from experienced missionaries on how to become who God made you to be.

UofN Course Code CHR 241

Justice & Development


Community Development School

The Community Development School provides training in a biblical approach to community transformation. Beginning with the holistic development of the individual and his or her relationship with God, this course is designed on biblical principles to enable change in rural to urban settings.

UofN Course Code DEV/HMT 365

Humanities & International Studies


Applied Christian Thinking

This course takes a historical look at the prevailing philosophies and ideologies that lie beneath the social and political issues of present day societies. It encourages students to become responsible Christians in society, and to exercise positive influence wherever they work and serve. Students delve into topics such as the meaning and components of a worldview and how to apply biblical Christian thinking to contemporary issues. Each student is required to write a paper under the guidance of an adviser. This course meets the U of N Core Curriculum requirement for Applied Christian Thinking.

UofN Course Code HMT/SCI 211



Biblical Preaching and Teaching School

The BTPS gives students training and practical experience in ministering the Word of God in a variety of contexts. Students who already have a thorough understanding of the Scriptures are equipped for a ministry of teaching and preaching in churches and on the mission field.

UofN Course Code CHR 371


School of Communication Foundations

The SCF helps to connect us with the story of God and His unfolding plan as it is told in the Bible. Through doing so, we can become aware of our place in that ongoing story and can become an active participant as a storyteller for our generation and beyond.

UofN Course Code CMC 211



Foundations for Counseling Ministry

Foundations for Counseling Ministry exposes you personally to the Biblical processes of healing and restoration of the spirit and soul. It is designed to be a time of deeper personal growth and to give foundational preparation for future ministry with people.

UofN Course Code CNH 211

Language Training


English Learning for Missions

The English Learning for Missions course helps you learn and improve your English language skills with an emphasis on conversational English. Learn English in a Christian-missions focused environment and be equipped in the area of language for future training and ministry.

UofN Course Code


Come as you are. Seek God. Be inspired to expand your ministry.

About Our Seminars

Come to a seminar where you can seek God’s heart for your subject of interest. Workshop with inspiring teachers and fellow participants hungry to affect their spheres of influence. You do not need to have completed a Discipleship Training School (DTS) to attend. With this flexibility, come with your family, colleagues, friends, and neighbors for a transformational time.

All Seminars


Word By Heart Seminar (Gospel)

The Word by Heart Seminar allows students to have flexibility for when and how long they participate in the school. The student will learn by heart, parts of a Gospel in their native language and learn to tell the story as an eyewitness might have done. They practice natural memory techniques that differ from a "rote approach."

UofN Course Code CMC 133


Word By Heart Seminar (James)

This seminar allows the student to understand the meaning behind the words of the author and learn the book of James by heart, through natural memory techniques. Then do a final presentation on the epistle.

UofN Course Code CMC 133


Event Management Seminar

The seminar purpose is to train students in a short, intensive seminar of six weeks on various topics to create events that impacts society with the Gospel message. The content includes topics such as: role of the arts and celebration, leadership, event-planning components, hospitality, creativity, technical setup, networking, spiritual warfare and finances. This will have a strong hands-on learning emphasis and each one will prepare and carry a team role for the following outreach.

UofN Course Code


Introduction to Baristas for Missions Seminar

The Introduction to Baristas for Missions seminar is designed to prepare an individual with the skills necessary to operate as a barista. A particular focus will be given to the overarching values from "farm to cup" economics, coffee service and preparation techniques. Attention will also be given to the interface of the role of a barista and their service in leadership and with the spheres of society such as Economic (business), Justice (fair trade), Celebration (hospitality).

UofN Course Code


Word By Heart Seminar (Philippians)

In a few weeks, the student can remember the book of Philippians word for word, and be able to present it in a way he thinks Paul himself would have said it. Students understand the ideas, in the exact words of the author and practice natural memory and public-speaking skills.

UofN Course Code CMC 133


New Korea Servant Seminar

This seminar is for people with a heart for the nation of Korea and desire to learn more about it. Participants learn how God is moving in Korea and come to understand the remarkable ways He is working in this nation.

UofN Course Code


Strategically combining courses to boost your ministry

About Our Tracks

We are seeing a new call for deeper and broader training in missions. Tracks provide an opportunity for you to participate in multiple YWAM accredited schools in one consecutive program. Solidify and apply your training through lesson, theory, and practical applications in community life and outreach. Be equipped and released to transfer your skills and habits wherever God calls you to serve.

All Tracks


A Disciple’s Path

A Disciple’s Path is a yearlong track that operates in Mandarin and English and is open to students from Asia and around the world. The course incorporates a Discipleship Training School (DTS), Biblical studies, frontier missions, worldview, and counseling modules.

UofN Course Code