Relationship Series: Singlehood.

It’s what popular culture comes to the conclusion of being the most miserable, unbearably lonely, and unsatisfying stage of life. It is a stage of life where you may find yourself questioning whether or not you are cool, fun, or attractive enough to be pursued by someone. So, ultimately, you surrender to your sorrowful fate consisting of “The Office” reruns, a tube of ice cream to replace your anguish, and 30 cats to keep you company…since no one else will.

Am I being dramatic?     

Anyway, being single may not seem like the most exhilarating season ever. BUT I beg to differ. Now, don’t get me wrong, being in a relationship with someone special is such an incredible blessing. My point is, each stage of life is special. So, here is why all of you single lads and lasses out there should pick your head up and stop to smell the roses.

1. You have TIME

This is probably one thing that I can’t stress enough about singlehood. Right now, you have the time and freedom to go ANYWHERE. You have the ability to get up and go to the ends of the earth without any responsibilities of another person. God can use you in beautiful ways throughout this season; in ways different than when you are in a relationship.

For instance, what if you felt moved to provide hands-on aid to people in a nation after a natural disaster strikes? This is an incredible experience that comes once in a lifetime. You know, it is a lot easier to drop everything and GO help. Again, these stages of life are precious, but having this kind of time and freedom when you are single is something worth cherishing.

2. You can use this season to strengthen friendships

Naturally, a good amount of your time is spent devoted to your significant other once you start dating them. While you are single, you can cultivate amazing relationships with friends. Use this time to really lay a good foundation for your friendships. If you practice developing healthy friendships, this will ultimately translate extremely well when you start dating someone, and even more when you get married. Practice serving your friends well and work on good communication with them. Practice healthy confrontation and trust. This season is more valuable than you think! The last thing you want is to get into a relationship and realize you have no healthy friendships or community around you to walk with you through it.

3. You can spend this season intentionally PRAYING for your future spouse

This is so vital. Of course, you can still pray for your significant other when you are dating or married. You SO should still do this.

But, when you are single, really seek God intentionally to prepare you and your future spouse to be ready for each other when you meet, or start the dating process.  Knowing that your relationship was covered and anointed in prayer with time spent seeking God’s heart will make it a lot easier to hear His voice when you find someone you are interested in. So often when we like someone, our head and heart get so cloudy with our own ideas and thoughts- making it harder to hear God’s voice. Start praying now, and you will for sure understand God’s heart for you and your future relationship! Make sure He is going to be 100% involved when you start dating.  Going along with praying for your future spouse, pray and ask God to prepare YOU for them. By asking Him this, you will notice God showing you things He wants to teach you specifically to prepare you for your significant other. 

It is so key to seek God’s heart in every stage of life, and season that you are in. Whether you are single, dating someone, or married, God has a purpose for you. Your season of singlehood is not a waste. It is a vital time of preparation. It is a time worth cherishing, and taking hold of the amazing opportunities that are right in front of you!


Alexandra (USA), completed her DTS in 2016, and is now on staff with us here at YWAM Lausanne, serving in our communications department. 


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