From Asia to the Ends of the Earth

There is a swell of believers emerging from the East with a great desire for God. It is such a privilege to cultivate and be a part of this movement. Witnessing the prayers of many from here, within Europe, and throughout the generations, we have been able to see these believers become a blessing back to Europe, and also many more nations around the world.

The percentages of Christians in this world are now flowing from the East at higher numbers than ever before. People are willing to go against cultural pressures to see their nations, history, and cultures redeemed with truth – in their own eastern style, the true nature of developing kingdom cultures.

At YWAM Lausanne these past two years, we have been able to train and send Asians from 9 nations, and now run multiple bilingual schools bilingually in Korean and Mandarin. We are now focusing on how we can build and develop more initiatives in this region of the world.

God is sovereign and the master planner. He is not just thinking for now, He is thinking 20 years from now what He will do – and even more! However, He is not just thinking about the future. God has on His mind how He can redeem the past and give promises for the future.

Take our student from Cambodia for example: With a strong call and many years of engagement within YWAM, she has been lead here to receive training in counseling, in order that she can have a deeper effect in her ministry. Her story was almost cut off before it began. Her mother and father both lived through the trauma of seeing their families slaughtered before their eyes, and somehow being able to escape. Her faithfulness in how she has chosen to look to God and hold onto His promises are now becoming fruitful, not just to be redeemed from the past, but to ‘fly on wings like eagles’ into a life that blesses many around her.

A large portion of our community is Asian. Studying all various types of things; DTS, FCM, BCC, SBS, MLD etc. and the majority of these are then catapulted into visions that God puts on their hearts to not only serve in their own nations, but to see them invest in other nations around the world!

Think for a moment of  YWAM Lausanne, like a trampoline; a means that allows those from Asia to ‘bounce in’ and to ‘spring forth’ from! This is part of our foundations at YWAM Lausanne, to be training the nations and sending out to the nations.

Our Asian students have recently been to Albania, Hungary, Israel, Egypt, Togo, and Finland – to list a few. Where will they go? Well, the ends of the earth I suppose. Why not? That is part of making His dream, our dream.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

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