Sports Discipleship Training School

Be transformed and cultivate your passion for God and Sports, with opportunities to take his redemptive story and hope to the nations, while using Sports as a bridge to share the gospel!.

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    4 Jul. - 20 Nov. 2024

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    4190 CHF

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    2500 - 4500 CHF

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And calling the crowd to him with his disciples, he said to them, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.
Mark 8:34


Take five months of your life to seek hard after God.

Take six months of your life to experience and get to know God more, seeking after him to learn his character and his ways. Through lectures, sports activities, community life, practical ministry, and outreach, learn what it means to be a disciple and how to live as one. The world is hungry for God’s truth and transformation – come learn how to feed them.

The Sports DTS focuses on deepening your relationship with God and follows the core DTS curriculum, while giving you the opportunity to connect with your passions of Sport and take advantage of the amazing Swiss Summer. From hiking, volleyball, soccer, different forms of water sports, spikeball and more, through humility we desire to use our passions of sport for God's glory, and through perseverance bring his hope and love to the nations!

More about July DTS

Seek after God with everything.

Go deeper. We are interested in holistic growth and learning through head, heart and hands. True discipleship transforms your heart, intellect, and skills. During the lecture phase of the SSDTS, you will have opportunities to grow through formal teaching like lectures, informal teaching like living in an international community and expressing your passion for Sports. We are all about giving you opportunities to own your faith and mature. This DTS consists of great lectures from speakers who are from all over the world, who live out what they teach. There are many opportunities for application and Students will focus on deepening their intimacy with God both in and outside of the classroom.

Summer in Switzerland

Summer is one of the best seasons in Switzerland. With warm weather and long sunny days, you begin to understand why it is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth. After a long day of classes, play some volleyball with friends, go down and jump into picturesque Lake Geneva, or take a bike ride through the forest next to the campus.

So you want to go deeper in your faith and calling? We have prayerfully chosen supplemental reading, assignments, and projects to expand the understanding and application of what you are learning. Creatively record and process what God is speaking to you through weekly journals. Lessons will root deeper by sharing what you learn through inspiring book and outreach reports and public presentations.


Hear from world-class speakers on topics like:

Character & Nature of God

Who is God, really? What if He is infinitely bigger than we have made Him to be? These are beautifully vast questions that we can explore for the rest of our lives. Come alongside other classmates, staff, and speakers who are passionate about discovering and loving God deeply and truly.

Dig into scripture, read the wisdom of sages, worship, and engage. Bring your heart, your curiosity, your confusion, and your hunger and gain tools to make a lifestyle of getting to know and live with our indescribably wonderful God.

Hearing God’s Voice

The Bible displays how God speaks through spoken (rhema) word and the written (logos) word. God is speaking, what is hindering you from listening?

We desire for you to hear God and be able to follow all that He speaks through the Word, prayer and more. As you learn to know the voice of your Shepherd, you will be able to grow in closer intimacy with Him.

Biblical Worldview

How as Christians are we to veiw the world around us? What approch does the Bible give us for dealing with injustice? How should we apply Biblical principles to our lives in modern times?

All of these questions relate back to our worldview, or the way we relate and live in the world. As we seek to reflect God's image to the world these are important questions that will help you build a strong foundation for your life.

Outreach Phase

But wait, there’s more!

After completing your lecture phase of the SDTS in Lausanne, you will travel to another nation for two months, continuing in your journey to know God and make Him known wherever you go, while still cultivating your passion for sport. You will work with your team to use Sports as a bridge to share the gospel. With Sport being a theme in this DTS, there will be the opportunity to attend the Rugby World Cup in France, with the goal to bring the nations and glory back to God, through an event that has the power to reach many! Other potential locations include going to the continent of South America and Africa where the heart and focus will be to apply what has been learnt in lecture phase and bring his hope to individuals and communities.

Your staff and base leadership spend time seeking God’s direction for where the teams should go, but the locations for the SDTS are not finalized until after the students have arrived in Switzerland. We want to get to know students and see which outreach locations are a good match for their talents, personalities, and passions. After the outreach locations are announced, students have time to pray about the options and seek wise counsel from parents before submitting their choice to the staff. The whole process is covered in prayer as we seek God’s will in this area.

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We urge you to apply and prayerfully consider how this DTS can be the beginning of the rest of your life with God
God is after your yes, are you willing to give Him your everything for the next 5 months?
Then apply today and our team will walk with you every step of the way towards a life with the Lord!