Sept. 2022 Update

Sept. 2022 Update

Sept. 15th, 2022 | Vol. 3 No. 9


New Wave of Bible Courses Coming

new waves

As we approach the end of the year, we are happy to share that out of the 7 schools we will be operating in quarter four, 3 will have a clear biblical emphasis. Our SBS will be tackling the final stretch in their year-long study, and they will be joined by our BCCOL and DBS schools. Beginning in Lausanne, the Bible Core Course on Location will then travel to Egypt, Israel, Greece, Turkey, and Italy to complete its study in the actual locations where the Bible was written. For future students seeking to enroll in a bible school, the BCC can be an excellent place to start if you opt to continue your studies with SBS because it also counts as credit there. Meanwhile, the DBS will be taught bilingually in Korean and English. This is the second iteration of the DBS being taught bilingual, and we are excited to see how the diversity of the class brings further revelation to the students and their studies. The DBS follows the red thread of the Bible, looking at the plan of redemption God has for humanity from beginning to end in just 3 months.


Bible Outreach Teams Return

Bible outreach teams

Our campus had the honor of sending out two outreach teams comprised of a combonation of students and staff from our School of Biblical Studies, Discipleship Bible School, and Bible Core Course on Location. These teams were sent out to Mexico and Armenia and have both seen amazing results from their ministry now that their outreaches have concluded.


Armenia Team

Bible Armenia Team

The Armenia team has primarily focused on working with local churches to lead small group classes and bible studies. Their aim has been to help the local believers deepen their understanding of the scriptures as well as how to study them more effectively. They have also been working on creating video teachings that are being translated into Farsi to further bless and encourage the local body of Christ as well as reach out to those who are seeking. Hopefully, the impact of these amazing teachings will continue to be felt for many years to come.

Bible Armenia Team


Mexico Team

Bible Mexico Team

The Mexico outreach team has also been doing a lot of teaching with local churches and small groups. In addition to this, they have been doing evangelism, kids ministry, and ministry inside a juvenile prison. Working with the inmates has been especially impactful. The team has been going twice a week, meeting with two different sections, ages between 15-18 and 17-23. They have been able to forge relationships and speak into the lives of the young people in really powerful ways. The truth of Gods word rings true no matter where we are in life, and hopefully, their work will help the inmates to find a better track in life.


Testimony from Armenia Bible Outreach Team

One specific way we’ve seen the Bible impact lives in Armenia is when we had the opportunity to go to an Armenian church our first week here. After Lisa shared a message about God being with two specific people who were lonely and rejected in the book of Genesis, a girl came forward in tears. She explained that this was her first time coming to church in a long time and everything Lisa shared was exactly what she had been feeling but was too scared to talk about. She saw how God has been after her heart and chose to re-dedicate her life to the Lord! This was significant for me because it was simply through Lisa sharing a Bible story of how God was with people who were lonely and rejected that He met this girl and changed her life. This proves the power of God’s word.

Margaret Ketcham

- Margaret Ketcham, USA
SBS Student


U of N Meetings Come to Lausanne


Part of YWAM Lausanne's mandate is to serve the YWAM movement as a whole. There are a number of ways we engage with this calling, one of which is hosting various international gatherings. From the end of August into the beginning of this month, we had the pleasure of hosting the President's Gathering (PG) and Core International Leadership Team (CILT) meetings for the University of the Nations, which oversees and accredits YWAM training around the globe. These meetings normally happen once or twice per annum but had to be put on hold for nearly 2 years because of Covid. The gatherings we hosted were the second time they have convened since the hiatus. Attendees of these meetings are the upper-level academic faculty from the university along with leaders from the largest YWAM training locations. Their aim is to continue developing and implementing further innovation around training. This is vital to the health and longevity of the YWAM movement, as we seek to equip and raise up waves of young people to reach all nations. These times are also very inspiring to see the multitude of different ways the Lord has led different locations to reach the world for Christ. Coming together, exchanging ideas, building relationships, and looking to the future, these are special times indeed and we are glad to be able to host and facilitate this for our global network.


Opportunity to Partner in Training

In Luke 10:2, Jesus speaks about how the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. This is still true today. In many ways, this is the crux of the ministry of YWAM Lausanne; training and equipping young people to become these aforementioned workers. We have a fund that we use to extend partial scholarships to young people who are pursuing long-term engagement in missions and ministry. These efforts to make training more accessible to students with long-term visions in ministry have incredible long-term fruitfulness with an impact that continues to ring for decades into the future. Through this scholarship fund, you can have a direct hand in making this impact. Would you prayerfully consider making a donation towards these scholarships to see more young people raised up to reach the world for Christ? All information on how to contribute can be found here.