School of Biblical Studies

Use the Bible as a relevant and effective tool for spiritual discipleship.

The focus of SBS is to see The Great Commission fulfilled by giving opportunity for studying, doing, and teaching God’s Word. Staff and students desire to see Jesus’ character revealed in every sphere of society.

Training Overview

The School of Biblical Studies teaches that the Bible is inspired by God. Therefore, the Word of God is the ultimate standard we use to learn principles covering all the areas of our life and ministry. SBS is a nine-month, inductive Bible-study course composed of three phases. During this time, the students can study all 66 books in the Bible. Originally launched in Kona, Hawaii in 1981, this course is now run worldwide in over 50 regions spanning five continents.

“For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel.”

Ezra 7:10

The Purpose of SBS is…

  • To give students a thorough understanding of the inductive approach to Bible study by learning how to employ many creative and diverse methods for reading, observing, interpreting, and applying the Scriptures.
  • To provide an environment where through studying the Word of God and understanding His heart, students find the keys for transformation in their own personal life, for societies, and for all nations.
  • To support students to study the Word with eagerness and joy and apply the principles they discover in their daily life.
  • To equip students with tools to love and know God and His Word more deeply.
  • To train students with tools and skills to study the Bible and to encourage them to study for life change.

Lecture Phase

Study the Word to live it.

By the end of a School of Biblical Studies, you will not perfectly know everything about the Bible; actually, our hope is that you will have more questions and desire to go deeper than before you came. SBS equips students to obtain in-depth understanding about all of the 66 books in the Bible so that they can effectively make deeper study a lifelong journey.

This course is designed to prepare the students to be fully armed with the Word of God—the Sword of Spirit. The aim of the School of Biblical Studies is not only to obtain knowledge about the Bible but to know God, to fall in love with God in a deeper way, and to be able to make this living God known to all nations.

Study Inductively

The Inductive Bible Study Method is seen as a prime method for Bible interpretation. The Inductive method is composed of five steps:

  1. Prayer
  2. Bible reading
  3. Observation
  4. Interpretation
  5. Application

This method allows the students to interpret the Bible with the perspective of the original reader. By studying the history, culture, and language of the Scriptures, students have objectivity in their interpretation of the Bible.

Teach The Word

Over the course of the School of Biblical Studies, you and your classmates will learn how to memorize and meditate on the Bible so you can effectively incorporate God’s Word into areas of evangelism, worship, and intercession. As you develop a deep appreciation for the Word of God in your heart and mind, you will have the opportunity to share your understanding with others. You can exercise your teaching and preaching skills as you lead Bible study groups.

Course Content

Phase 1:

  • Inductive Bible Study Method
  • The Synoptic Gospels
  • Acts
  • Paul’s Epistles
  • Field trip to Israel between phase 1 and 2

Phase 2:

  • The General Epistles
  • John
  • Revelation
  • Pentateuch to 1 & 2 Samuel
  • “Experience in the Wilderness”

Phase 3:

  • 1 & 2 Kings to Malachi
  • Overview of New and Old Testament

Beyond the Lectures

We believe in formal and informal learning. Stretch your understanding in the classroom. Live what you learn in the YWAM Lausanne community and beyond.



Want to know a not-so-secret secret? Switzerland is beautiful and super close to epic cities and nations. Grab some friends and train through Europe, Easyjet to Greece for an ice cream, ski on the Alps, tour a chocolate factory, explore a forest, visit a museum, or taste a delicious cheese fondue.



Be ready to show off your best beatbox or shred the air guitar with your friends for cafe night. Enjoy special games and meals for Swiss night and seasonal festivities such as Lunar New Year or Thanksgiving. As a community, we have the joy of gathering for times of worship, teaching and celebration.



You’ve studied, you’ve prayed, your heart is overflowing… now let it flow. The people of Lausanne need Jesus. As a community, we regularly go out into the city to worship, pray. Some conversations starters could be sharing some chocolat chaud, kicking a soccer ball with a Lausannoires and tourists, and engaging with the children's ministries.



Learn to love the nations. It starts by loving your roommates. Begin by sharing your favorite snack from home and learning the languages of friends from different nations. We are a beautifully diverse community from different cultures, churches, and generations seeking after Christ.

1 On 1 Discipleship

1 On 1 Discipleship

You are on a unique journey, and we want to champion you. Meet one on one with a staff member to process the week, ask questions, receive prayer, and more.

Study in the Field

Learn in the lands of the Bible

The School of Biblical Studies will travel to select places where stories in the Bible took place. The Word will truly come alive in new ways as you study the Bible on location traveling through Israel.

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