SBS: Study, Do, and Teach

The School of Biblical Studies is:

“Something every Christian should do!” – JiYe, South Korea

“In one word: phenomenal.” – Tyler, Canada

“A wish come true!” – Suree, South Korea

Throughout the course of 9 months in Lausanne, Switzerland, you will look at every single book of the Bible, all 66 of them. Through an inductive study method that allows you to look at the historical context, the audience the books were being written to, and what God is doing throughout the history of the Bible, the unchanging character of God comes alive in the here and now. The school verse embraces the main purposes for SBS, the true heart to know His Word and give it out freely through a better understanding:

For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel.  

-Ezra 7:10

To put it simply, there are 3 main purposes of SBS:

  • Know the God of the Bible (STUDY)
  • Fall deeper in love with God and live out the Word (DO)
  • Make the living God of the Bible known to others (TEACH)


A few of our current SBS students shared about what doing this school has shown them about God, His story, and the importance of doing it together:

“Though I lived my whole life as a Christian, there were so many things that I was not sure about or hard to understand in the Bible. Learning about the historical background of each book and interpreting it with the original reader’s perspective makes such a difference whenever I applied it in to my life and I was able to have a safe and right perspective to see and study the Bible. I realized that it is essential to know, read and study the Bible as a Christian. God gave us the Bible to talk with us, be with us and to let us know how He loves us. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, if you have studied the Bible, you cannot help but to realize how God loves us SO MUCH.”

-JiYe, South Korea


“I think one of the biggest lessons I have learned is a deeper understanding of God’s love. Especially in the Old Testament, I have come to see so much more of God’s love. Before SBS I always thought of the Old Testament as this section of the Bible full of blood and sacrifices, and judgment. Now, having gone through it in SBS, I have come to see that God is way more loving than we have any right to ask of Him. To sum up the history of Israel: They sin, they suffer, they cry out to God, God saves them, they worship and then we go back to the beginning. God gives them everything but time and time again they reject it and walk away, only to come crawling back when things don’t go well for them. But God never gives up on them. He continually forgives them and does not wipe them out even though, according to the covenant the people and God made, He has every right to do so. Through this, I received a deeper understanding of God’s love and trying to better apply that in my life is the biggest lesson.

To be able to devote nine months to studying the Bible, in such a setting, with great staff and speakers that have so much knowledge and experience that I could call upon and listen to made it so rewarding. It is really encouraging to do it with a class that is going through it together, pushing and encouraging each other. SBS has been a great time where I grew closer with God and gained a deeper understanding of the Bible and through that, God.”

-Tyler, Canada


“When I studied the OT, I realized how important it is for me and everyone to know what God has promised as our inheritance. It starts with His promise to all of His people and His promise to me personally. If I truly know what my inheritance is, how hard that journey might that be, I am able to take the land with confidence.

SBS is being awakened to the true reality that we live in. As we study the Bible I get to know how the world actually works. How it has been working under God’s sovereign rule. Through SBS, you get to break all wrong perceptions of God, and you will be spoiled for the ordinary!”

-Suree, South Korea

There is still time to apply for the next SBS, starting October 2, 2017!



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