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Embrace the flame that lights the nations

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    28 Sep. - 17 Feb. 2023

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    3990 CHF

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    2500 - 4500 CHF

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    English | French

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“But if I say I’ll never mention the Lord or speak in his name, his word burns in my heart like a fire. It’s like a fire in my bones! I cannot hold it in!”
Jeremiah 20:9

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Revival begins with YOU.

The Revive and Reach DTS was born from a deep desire to activate this generation to passionately embrace His fire.

Discover the utter joy of knowing God, uncover your identity and calling in Him, and engage your life with establishing His kingdom.

Regardless of where you are in your walk, our vision is to ignite a fresh fire for the Kingdom, beginning with YOU. Take 5 months of your life to encounter GOD, discover His calling for your life, and embark on a great adventure as you are empowered to impact nations and societies.

Lecture phase text

Lecture Phase

Begin with 3 months of inspiring teaching.

For 11 weeks dive deep into teachings like Hearing God’s Voice, the Nature and Character of God, Evangelism, Spiritual Warfare, the Living Word of God and much more. Learn from worldwide leaders who have seen and are cultivating revival in the nations.

Discover, Engage and Impact!

Engage with Revival History nights and become intimately acquainted with the power of prayer throughout generations to spark movements of faith.

Lectures are supplemented with prayerfully considered readings and assignments that actively provide you with opportunities to encounter God, establish a life grounded in the Bible, and discover more about your calling, strengths, and personal giftings.

The Revive & Reach DTS fosters holistic growth through discipleship and international community living. Not only will you grow as a disciple, you will learn how to make disciples. The world is hungry for God’s truth and transformation. Come learn how to feed them.


Outreach Phase

Spark Revival.

Take 2 months to apply the skills you've learned in a nation that is desperate to know God.

You have spent 11 weeks learning about the deep connection between the Lord, the land, and your identity in the kingdom; now you are called to GO!

Outreach cont.

Outreach Ministries

Outreach is a time where you solidify the teachings you’ve learned during the lecture phase. Move this new-found knowledge from the head to the heart. You will live out application daily with a team, where you will be presented with discipleship opportunities like:

  • Preaching - Lead a church service and uncover a passion for teaching God’s word to the nations
  • Evangelism - Go out into the streets and bring the heart of the Father to others in a personal way
  • Ministry - Partner with local ministries to serve and give back to the community
  • Intercession - Take time to hear God’s heart for your nation and stand in the gap

Your leaders prayerfully consider the outreach locations for each team, and the final decision is not made until all the students have arrived in Switzerland and the giftings and passions of each student have been taken into account. The entire process is covered in prayer as we seek God’s will.

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