Join us for an incredible 2-week outreach, centered around evangelism and the arts.

What is REGEN?

Reach out to people from around the globe

This dynamic and exciting 2-week outreach takes place around the Montreux music festival along the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva. Tens of thousands of people from every continent convene for the internationally renowned festival giving a perfect environment to share the good news with a microcosm of the world. Participants get the opportunity to meet, dialogue, and share the gospel in a highly relational environment. Regen creates the perfect context for outreach teams, small groups, families, and everyone in-between to share their faith.


What REGEN is all about...

Emphasis of REGEN

Disciple through Relationship

The Montreux music festival brings together tens of thousands of people from many nations to relax and enjoy the tunes and beautiful surroundings. This creates the perfect environment to spark up a conversation and get to know people. Take part in offering hospitality, distributing Bibles, and many other ways of reaching out to people. There is space for creative ideas, and room to try out new approaches.

Emphasis of REGEN

Arts & Evangelism

A big part of Regeneration is arts and creative evangelism. We know that creativity is something deeply connected to the heart of God, and has the ability to reach people in a special way. This give ample space to explore and try inovative and artisitc ways of sharing the good news with the festival attendees.


Join us for this one-of-a-kind outreach!

Come and partner with us for this wonderful 2-week outreach from July 3rd to 16th!