Oct. 2023 Update

Sep. 2023 Update

Oct. 2023 Update

October 16th, 2023 | Vol. 4 No. 10


Loren is with Jesus


Dear Friends,

The news that Loren Cunningham is now with Jesus interrupted our community late on the evening of October 6th. The students for quarter four had just arrived and we were introducing them to Switzerland’s culture and story at our Swiss Night celebration, as the news broke. Our hearts are sad as we miss our dear friend. As founder, he has been the influence and inspiration for YWAM. Loren and Darlene Cunningham pioneered and laid the foundations for the YWAM ministry in Lausanne.

Together with the global YWAM family, we celebrate Loren’s fruitful life and ministry. We remember his commitment to the great commission, his love for all nations, and his faith to champion young people. He faithfully stewarded God’s vision to see youth from every culture engaging in reaching the lost and serving the purposes of God on earth. To know God and make Him know is one of the impacting moto’s he created, that has inspired thousands to engage in missions. As a community, we have a deep desire to learn from Loren Cunningham’s life and legacy. The Celebration of Life for Loren Cunningham will be in Kona on November 4th and in Lausanne on December 9th, 2023. You will find detailed information on www.lorencunningham.com and concerning the event in Lausanne on www.ywamlausanne.com.

We invite you to celebrate with us the ways in which Loren’s life, teachings, writings, stories, faith, and obedience have impacted you. Jesus has wonderfully created a mission's movement through this faithful man. Loren Cunningham has run his race; he has finished the course. We celebrate him and are deeply thankful for his life.

Markus and Anita, Emeline, Daniel, and Jordan

Life with the Lord Podcast

In this episode, we sit down with Joseph Avakian to discuss the way media is consumed and what it does to us. Joseph is a veteran YWAMer with many decades of experience in the field of visual communications. Come join us as we explore more of what it means to serve a God who communicates and how we can better reflect his character in our daily life.


Stories from Israel

We arrived in Eilat, the southernmost part of Israel, at night, less than 12 hours before the first attack commenced. That next morning, we woke up to the news that Hamas terrorists had successfully invaded Israel. In the beginning, many thoughts crossed our minds; fear, worry, and ultimately our hearts breaking for the nation that we had been called to serve for this season.


Our School of Worship Outreach team before they departured.

We sensed we had the immediate assignment from the Lord to stand in the gap for Israel as "watchmen," fighting the spiritual battle that was taking place over this region. Praying for the nation amidst the chaos, anguish, and melancholy that was now seeded in the hearts of the Israeli people gave us a refreshed heart for this nation, and up until we had to leave, this was something that we stood strong in.

It was truly impactful to see the Israeli people, in unity, praying for repentance, protection, and restoration of their nation. In these moments, we saw a nation that despite their many differences, were one in prayer. Even though we have left, we feel as if we have the mandate to continue to be "watchmen", carrying the burden of prayer for Israel everywhere we go. A song that we sang together as a group was a Hebrew song that declared that "God is a God that never sleeps, nor slumbers” (Ps. 121:4). We have declared the same thing over this nation, for He will bring peace and work all things together for His glory!

School of Worship Outreach Team, Summer - Fall 2023


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Thank you

Our ministry's foundation and ongoing journey are rooted in complete reliance upon God. Our mission stems directly from the heart of God, bringing about transformative changes in the lives of young individuals. We equip them to be ambassadors sent to nations, fulfilling the great commission.

The full body of Christ and the generosity of many have consistently been key in fostering the fruitfulness and success of YWAM's journey with God. We extend a heartfelt invitation to you, asking you to contemplate partnering with us and our ministry. Just as God's blessings have enriched each of us, let us in turn bless one another. Thank you for considering to be a part of what God wants to do through YWAM Lausanne. To make a donation click here.