Oct. 2022 Update

Oct. 2022 Update

Oct. 15th, 2022 | Vol. 3 No. 10


Q4 Starts with Over 100 Students

busy campus

The final quarter of this year has gotten off to a strong start. We have well over a hundred students in 7 different courses. It is a true joy to have so many wonderful students all seeking to further their relationship with God in different ways. This excitement is infectious and the campus is a buzz. At the moment, we have Foundations for Counseling Ministry (FCM), French & English Discipleship Training School (DTS), English & Korean Discipleship Bible School (DBS), Bible Core Course on Location (BCC), English Learning for Missions (ELM), Ministry and Leadership Development School (MLD), and a School of Biblical Studies (SBS) in their final quarter. The students in these programs also come from more than 20 nations, each adding their own unique thread to the beautiful tapestry of cultures in our community. It is thrilling to think of all that God has instore for each of them.

Testimonies from our Schools

With so much amazing training happening in our community currently, we wanted to share with you a collection of short testimonies from our alumni about how their time at YWAM Lausanne has shaped their lives:

"The schools revealed more of who God is and through that, it transformed my life. Each school has its own purpose in diving deep into your faith that challenged me in my worldview, character, and identity. I was not only able to draw closer in my relationship with God but became more confident in who I am and saw purpose through the calling God has given me."

Nathan Pak

Nathan Pak, USA

"The BCC for me was a school that changed my understanding of the Bible, to not be a Judge as I read the Bible but to look for God's heart through history and to see that HE is the same amazing, patient, restoring, and faithful God until today."

Francilene Augusta

Francilene Augusta, Brazil

"Doing schools here at YWAM Lausanne has given me the dream opportunity to live in an intercultural community with the goal of learning more about God and how to make him known to the nations. It has provided me with the rich experience of cross-cultural communication as well as the experience of walking alongside others in order to advance the kingdom of God; an experience that has changed my life in absolutely unfathomable ways."

Eli Whitesell

Eli Whitesell, USA


DTS Tanzania Team Makes Impact

DTS Tanzania Team

Our summer Discipleship Training School Tanzania outreach team has been having a particularly fruitful time of ministry. Since arriving in the nation, they have been involved in a range of evangelism and discipleship endeavors including teaching English, giving devotionals, leading Bible studies, and much more. The team also spent a week in the remote village of Engikaret. During this time, the team went door to door meeting with and reaching out to the people. This proved extremely fruitful and 13 individuals came to faith. The outreach has been stretching at times for the students but they are full of joy and are embracing the culture and people of Tanzania. It is thrilling to think of all the eternal fruit this outreach has resulted in and we thank God for all he has done through this wonderful team.

DTS Tanzania Team

Life with the Lord Podcast

We have something new for you starting this month. Life With the Lord is a podcast produced by YWAM Lausanne that's focused on uncovering the daily walk of the everyday Christian and encouraging growth in key topics that every Christian will encounter or struggle with in their day-to-day lives. We hope to provide a space for teachers and peers who have a deep passion for an aspect of the Christian walk and have practiced thoughtful study in this area to have a conversation others can learn from or be inspired by. We hope you enjoy this month’s episode with Luzanne Esmeraldo and her journey to use her passion for event management to build the kingdom.


NAO 2022 Recap


At the beginning of the year, we set an emphasis on expanding our ministry impact through the R3 Community Development Center in North Africa. As a part of this expansionary effort, we established a permanent team, at the beginning of the year, in North Africa to help further develop the ministry as well as pioneer new efforts to make tangible impacts in the community. The team has begun work on an oral bible translation project with some of the refugees who speak languages without a translation of the scripture, forged new inroads with locals, and grown significantly in their language skills. We are so thankful for the amazing ministry these team members have accomplished in the last year and are excitedly anticipating all that God has for them in the coming years. Alongside the perminant team, we have also sent more outreach teams than in previous years. These outreach teams have come alongside the permanent team and existing ministries to help propel them forwards. It has been a very fruitful year and we look forward to the bright future God has in store for the ministry in North Africa.


Invitation to Partner in Reaching the City of Lausanne


One of the other areas of our calling as a ministry we have been rapidly growing in this past year has been local evangelism and outreach. For many years we have sent teams into the heart of our city weekly to share the gospel. However, starting this year, we have begun to take things to another level by hosting some of our community meetings in the city as well. We call these special meetings, Kingdom Come. This format allows us to directly invite people we meet on the streets to these open meetings with worship, testimonies, performances, delicious food for everyone, and messages. These events have already proved to be very fruitful, and we are excited to continue growing in this way of reaching our city. If you would like to help make these events possible, we would like to invite you to partner with us financially to help make these events reach more people with the good news. All information about how to give can be found here.