Nov. 2023 Update

Nov. 2023 Update

Nov. 2023 Update

November 15th, 2023 | Vol. 4 No. 11


Waves and Bibles

Dear Friends,

In the weeks that have followed Loren’s passing, we continue to reflect on his faithful life. What are the lessons, inspiration, and vision from his life that we can walk into the future with? YWAM’s Four Legacy Words embodied Loren’s vision and shaped our mission. They are, the Vision of the Waves, the Spheres of Influence, the Christian Magna Carta, and End Bible Poverty. One of the many aspects that stands out from the vision of the waves was that Loren was a “door opener.” He pioneered a path for millions to walk in their God-given destiny. He believed that every Christian’s Bible said the same as his; “Go into all the world.” He believed this call applied to believers regardless of age, nationality, gender, or education. This vision transformed global missions.

In recent years Loren spoke about another equally disruptive vision but this time to the field of Bible translation as part of the fourth legacy word, End Bible Poverty. Instead of translation being done by an educated expert Bible translation is now being done through community translation with the mother tongue speakers at the center of the project. Loren’s initial vision of the waves spread the Gospel to every nation, this vision to translate the Bible into every mother tongue using native speakers has the potential to spread the Bible around the world. In a powerful way these two visions bookend Loren's life, a call to preach the gospel to all nations and a call to disciple all nations. Both visions championed the people no one else would.

Last week YWAM Lausanne partnered with Wycliffe Switzerland for our corporate day of prayer and fasting. A key focus of this time was praying for Bible translation projects around the globe and ones that YWAM Lausanne can participate in. We are excited to follow in Loren’s legacy and open the door for many to global missions and Bible translation!

We’d love to invite you to join us to celebrate and honor Loren’s life on December 9th in Lausanne.

If you have not done so yet, RSVP using the buton below.


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Markus and Anita, Emeline, Daniel, and Jordan

Life with the Lord Podcast

In this episode, Rachel shares with us her experiences with God when it comes to her journey as a worship leader in missions. Rachel has been in YWAM Lausanne for the past 2 years and has some amazing testimonies of God's faithfulness and the power of worship in our spiritual formation. Come join us as we dive into what it means to worship God as a follower of Jesus but also to lead others into worship.


Stories from Chile

After being in Chile for one week, God opened the door for our team to serve and be hosted by a local church, in a southern suburb of Santiago called La Pintana. In one of our local home visit ministries, we met Elizabeth and her husband. She has been struggling with her faith for some time, and the family has been having past issues with drugs. We were able to minister to her, and Jesus touched her heart. She recommitted her life to pursing Jesus.


Our Sport DTS Team with Elisabeth and her husband.

That night she persuaded her daughter Paloma to come to a youth meeting our team was leading. In just over a week, both of their lives have been deeply impacted. Paloma, who was not walking with the Lord, was evangelising in front of our eyes to a man in a wheel chair. Elizabeth was also, praying for people and evangelising in the local park with us. God is changing hearts, and our team is experiencing his transformative power in peoples lives. Gods word for us before coming to Chile was to build relationships.


Paloma sharing the Gospel.

Elizabeth and her family feel like our family now. We pray that our relationships with the people here and God go deeper during this amazing time.

Chile Outreach Team, Sports DTS


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A month of Thankfulness

As we near the end of the year we are incredibly grateful for God’s provision. We have experienced many breakthroughs that have enabled us to see hundreds of young people trained, inspired, and sent out. This has resulted in thousands of people hearing the gospel and encountering Jesus!  Your donations and contributions to YWAM Lausanne have been key to making this possible. Many of our American alumni and friends are familiar with Giving Tuesday, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It’s a day to express thanks and gratitude by giving generously.  

We would love to invite you to consider contributing to our projects this coming Nov. 28th. To make a donation click here.