Nov. 2022 Update

Nov. 2022 Update

Nov. 15th, 2022 | Vol. 3 No. 11


3 Bible Schools Bring Students Deeper


One of the major emphasizes YWAM Lausanne has is in Bible training. We are passionate about the word of God. Its enduring universal truth transforms lives, families, communities, nations, and the world. Currently, we have 3 different bible courses underway, each with a special focus and purpose. They are the Discipleship Bible School (DBS), Bible Core Course on Location (BCC), and School of Biblical Studies (SBS).

The Discipleship Bible School (DBS) is a 3-month course where students read and study through the entire Bible, cover to cover. The aim of the school is to give students a clear picture of the big story and learn how to apply the Bible in their daily lives. This DBS is also unique as it is English and Korean bilingual. This adds a wonderful cross-cultural dimension to the school, further enriching the program.


The Bible Core Course on Location (BCC) is one of the most unique programs as it gives students the chance to explore Biblical locations while studying. The school begins in Lausanne and then travels to a number of key locations from the Bible. While on location, the students study the books that relate to those locations. Connecting the locations to the text is an experience unlike any other.

The School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is nearing its completion. Beginning in January the students have been studying the Bible book by book using the inductive method. After 6 months of study, they went on outreach for 2 months and a month's break before returning to complete their final 3 months of study. It has been a joy to walk with these students on the journey of this last year and we celebrate what they have accomplished.


Life with the Lord Podcast

This month on the LWL podcast, we sat down with Haddie, a current SBS student from the US, to chat about the prophetic books of the Bible. For many, this is a confusing and hard-to-understand portion of scripture, but when placed in its historical context, it is an incredible example of God’s love and mercy. We hope this episode encourages you in your reading of the prophets.


Q3 DTS North Africa Team Makes Impact

DTS North Africa Team

The nine members of our Q3 DTS outreach to North Africa have just concluded a very successful outreach. They have been involved in a diverse range of different ministries including working with kids, doing home visits, sharing in churches, and engaging with the R3 center. Home visits have been the team's favorite as it gives them a format to connect on a deeply personal level with people. They have been able to listen to their stories about what life has been like for the refugees here in North Africa. Many have gone through a lot of suffering both to get here and live here. On each visit they prayed with and encouraged the families, trying to show the hope they can have for their futures with God, and blessing them with packages of staple foods.

Testimonies from the DTS North Africa Team

"The DTS outreach has been an eye-opening cultural experience for me. Initially, I was hesitant to go to North Africa and at first struggled to connect with the land and people. I was also nervous about knowing the right way to engage with people and how to share God’s love. However, as I sought the Lord, he began to open my heart. On two separate mornings, I woke up with a testimony and a sermon placed in my heart to share at the churches on the immediate Sundays. As I wrote down the words He gave to me, I realized that God used my struggles to embrace the outreach to speak to me and turned them into stories that I can encourage the communities with. Through this process, I see God’s faithfulness and guidance so evident in my life. It has drawn me so much deeper into my relationship with God and I found a deep connection to the people of North Africa."

Eli Whitesell

Grace Ang, Singapore
DTS Student


Kingdom Come Recap

Kingdom Come

To follow up on our last update, we have just hosted another Kingdom Come event in the city. Due to the changing weather, we hosted this one at a church in the light industrial district close to the city center. We put out the word both on the streets and through the relational networks and churches in the area. The passion of the evening was contagious. There were times of testimonies, worship, performing arts, preaching, prayer, and lots of fellowship. It was an incredible time of encouraging and stoking the flames of passion for the Lord. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of seeing His Kingdom Come on earth as it is in heaven.

Kingdom Come Kingdom Come


Invitation to Help Raise up More Young Missionaries

As we look ahead to 2023, our vision for training and equipping young people for missions has never been more clear. In the last 2 years, we have seen the Lord expand our capacity to train more students from the nations and send them to the nations. To help widen the doors to our training programs we are innovating to offer 40 partial scholarships over the course of 2023. These scholarships will be given to students with a missional call on their life who are seeking to do a full year of in-depth missions training to further equip them for the ministry God has called them to. However, we can't do this without you. The total cost of enabling these 40 students via these partial scholarships is 240,000 francs. To break that down, the cost of sponsoring one of these students for a week is only 120 chf, for a month is 480 chf, or 6,000 chf for a whole year. We ask you to consider sponsoring one of these up-and-coming missionaries this holiday season. Click here to contribute.