Christmas – The King who gave it all

Tis’ the season

Christmas. A time of the year when we get together to celebrate with those we love.

We enjoy the company of our family and friends, we exchange gifts, we eat good food and we laugh together, fondly recounting memories we’ve shared.

Most importantly, we remember who we are celebrating…


The King of Kings who left behind the glories of His heavenly throne, coming to our broken world as a baby.

The significance of that last sentence recently struck me.

The ground breaking reality of the Christmas story

Most of us have heard the nativity story countless times. Unintentionally, as a by-product of this, we can sometimes lose our sense of wonder towards Jesus’ birth.

One of the most miraculous events in history can at times to us grow dim. Crazy, isn’t it?

This Christmas season has begun to break away that very jadedness from my own eyes. As I remember the magnitude of what Jesus did for us, I can again I can look to the birth of Jesus and be filled with awe.

Jesus gave it all for us.

He left every comfort and privilege, countless heavenly relationships and came to be born in a stable. His trip was planned for more than six months or a year or any other swallowable amount of time. He was going to give everything for thirty three years, and then continue that work on through eternity.

He was embarking on the ultimate mission’s trip and the salvation of mankind hung on its success.

That is no small feat.

Jesus gave it all for us

The groundbreaking reality of the Christmas story is that God, who had everything, gave it all up because He loves us.

We couldn’t have possibly done anything to earn it. His sacrifice came as a gift.

I’m realizing that if Jesus gave it all, then so should I.

So should we.

Jesus experienced stress, deadlines, challenges, difficult people and circumstances and still He gave His everything for love.

The Christmas season (and many other seasons as well) gets crowded. We can get tired and grumpy; the last thing we want to do is give more of our time and energy to serve others. But this is exactly what Jesus did!

If Jesus gave it all for me, I want to give it all for Him, to serve Him, to love Him and to love those He loves.

It seems like the impossible task – when things get busy, I ask myself, how could I possibly give more? The truth is that by myself, I simply cannot. I have to lean on His strength, know His rest and in it all I must choose to serve with gladness.

I am currently in the Ministry and Leadership Development School (MLD) at YWAM Lausanne. During the school I have started to see serving as an opportunity to love Jesus. This new perspective of serving has had quite a profound impact on me! Servant-hood is actually becoming quite exciting – the more I serve the more I can become like Jesus and show my love to Him!

The question to us

So, in this Christmas season there is a little challenge for me and for you. How are we going to mirror Jesus, and give our all to love people?

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