Ministry and Leadership Development School

A leadership training program to prepare aspiring young people to develop their God-given vision.

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    27 Sep. - 16 Dec. 2024

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“Let the greatest among you become as the youngest, and the leader as one who serves.” Luke 22:26

What is MLD?

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love"

- Mother Teresa

The MLD (Ministry Leadership Development) is a 1 year leadership program that consists of the 3-month lecture and 9 month field assignment phase. You will be embedded into our dynamic and diverse missions training community as you learn how to develop and implement leadership as a lifestyle. For your input you will receive theoretical teaching on different core topics that are salient to your leadership.

Why MLD?


By doing MLD you will:

  • Gain tools to empower your unique strengths and giftings
  • Embody the Biblical model of servant leadership
  • Grow in personal character as a follower of Jesus
  • Learn to walk alongside and disciple others
  • Engage in language learning in a cross-cultural environment
  • Gain more clarity in my calling
  • Learn how to practice a lifestyle of dependence upon God for provision in all areas


Lecture Phase

You will experience life-transforming spiritual mind and heart surgery as you become the leader God designed you to be. Accomplished teachers from around the world will give lectures on core topics for your personal development. These teachings will give you a broad understanding of different aspects of leadership and the changes it takes to live a life surrendered completely to God.

Biblical Leadership

  • Learn how to be a leader like Jesus was.
  • Understand the Biblical models of leadership styles and practically apply them in your life.
  • Be taught about the importance of spiritual authority in your life as a leader.

Vision and Calling

  • Know the difference between vision and calling and how they interact.
  • Get the opportunity to seek your own personal vision and the steps to see it come to fruition.
  • Discover your calling.

Personal Strengths, Talents and Spiritual gifts

  • Discover your personal strengths and spiritual gifts as God designed.
  • Sharpen your strength as you use your strengths and giftings in diverse areas of ministry.
  • Uncover God’s design for your life and how your strengths fit perfectly into your calling.

Biblical Model of Support Raising

  • Understand what it means to rely on God for your provision.
  • Learn how to share your vision and build a support network.
  • Become skilled in budgeting and personal financial management.

Spiritual Leadership

  • Learn how to incorporate spiritual disciplines in your everyday life.
  • Understand the origin of your emotions and feelings and how to process them healthily.
  • Gain the skill of active listening to be able to more effectively help those around you.

Communication Skills

  • Learn to speak in front of dozens of people with excellence.
  • Have the opportunity to invest your time in learning a language to further your area of ministry.


What Comes Next?

After the 3-months of lecture phase, you have an invaluable opportunity to engage in a 9-month MLD field assignment. The field assignment is in an internship format where you invest in advancing and developing your leadership while receiving leadership input and coaching. This is a time where you can take what you learned in the lecture phase and put it into hands-on practice. Your learning will be followed with specific assignments and times of processing. There are many different ministry areas that you could be serving in. Here are just a few of the many ministries you could get involved in:


You learn how to prepare a welcoming atmosphere for visiting speakers and guests, organize birthday parties and help create celebratory events.


In this ministry, you will be part of a team that takes care of the maintenance of the 100+ person campus.


You get to be part of training and discipling other students in different schools. You will be discipling and walking alongside youth people, organizing and leading international outreaches.

Community Life

You will be part of the team that plans and facilitates events in our community. This includes organizing special events such as graduations, love feasts, and community outings.


Be part of communicating what God is doing at YWAM Lausanne. Create promo on social media, maintain platforms, and reach the unreached online.


Help organize weekly, worship and prayer gatherings. We pray for the nations, spheres of society, or other topics that God puts on our heart.


This ministry administers the finances of the base such as the school fees, taxes, donations and offerings for the different ministries at YWAM Lausanne.


Guide incoming students with their application process. This often involves personal phone call interviews and preparing all necessary documents.


Get involved in reaching out to share the gospel with people both in our local area as well as internationally. We do this in different ways such as visiting churches, street evangelism, sports, and more.

Food Services

You learn how to prepare a welcoming atmosphere for visiting speakers and guests, organise birthday parties and help create celebratory events.


In this ministry, your role will be to serve as a barista at our cáfe. Learn how to make coffee and create an atmosphere where people feel appreciated.

Children’s Ministry

Be a part of creating a space where the children are free to explore. Help to facilitate their growth and development while feeling safe and validated in their God-given identity.

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