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Mediterranean MLD Training Overview

Mediterranean MLD

Do you have a desire to grow in your leadership capacity? Do you want to step out in your gifting and skill? Are you longing to learn in a missional context? The Ministry and Leadership Development school is the perfect place to come and be coached in Biblical leadership and practically apply all that you’re learning. You will be challenged to seek God in your decision making, daily living, planning for the future and just about everything you do! This MLD is held in two locations – you will complete your first month of training at YWAM Lausanne and then the final three months on the shores of the Mediterranean sea!

Course Details

Purpose of MLD

  • Be empowered with tools and strategies to discover and develop personal strengths, gifts, and calling in ministry.
  • Grow in personal character as a follower of Jesus and understand how to walk with others in their growth.
  • Develop spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fasting, meditation, bible memorization, and more.
  • Discover and apply biblical keys to leadership such as servant leadership, spiritual authority, team leadership, submission, decision making, spiritual leadership, and learning in leadership.
  • Explore the calling of YWAMers to practice a life of dependence upon God for financial provision.

Transformational Learning Environment

The Mediterranean MLD is run by YWAM Lausanne, and is held in two locations. We are running the first month of the school in Lausanne and the following three months in one of our key outreach locations which we have invested in for many years. Running this MLD in an outreach location as well as in Lausanne will mean your learning is embedded in a missional context. You will get to know our YWAM Lausanne community as well as step up in your leadership capacity in the Mediterranean – on the mission field!


Lectures and Ministry

Learn about servant leadership and live it.

This course combines formal classroom teaching with non-formal learning. Students work in one or more areas around the base, which could include teams in the kitchen, housekeeping, hospitality, maintenance, childcare, communications, or administration. Along with the practical work experience, students live in community alongside others involved with the DTS and other schools, walking with them in their journeys to know God in deeper ways.

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The ultimate goal of MLD lectures is for students to catch the heart behind the Biblical model of servant leadership. Lectures are designed to instill an understanding of leadership character. This will be a guide for you as you begin to grow in your leadership capacity.

As our speakers pour into you, you will be equipped with the practical skills that you will need as an effective leader and discipler. Our speakers come from a range of nations, ministries and backgrounds, each one bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience which will enrich your personal leadership and vision.

Ministry Involvement

Each student will serve in one of our ministries here at the base. ‘Ministry involvements’ are fun opportunities for you to grow in your leadership and capacity to serve. Depending on your skills and our needs here at the base, you will be uniquely placed into a ministry.

You and your class will begin building disciplines which cultivate a lifestyle of growth. Opportunities to learn time management and organisation will present themselves daily, so always be ready to grow!

Having learnt the theory and heart behind leadership in your lectures, ‘ministry involvements’ are the perfect opportunity to practically apply it! This is a unique time to own your own application as you receive feedback and empowerment to keep growing in healthy, sustainable habits.

Course Content
  • Apprentice-style learning
  • Decision making
  • Time management
  • Taking initiative on new projects
  • Creatively implementing new programs and ministries
  • Leading with a biblical worldview
  • Practical application for biblical principles.

Additional Information

How do I finance my school?

Here at YWAM, we trust God’s provision for our financial needs. There are plenty of ways to trust God with your financial needs. God provides through work savings, the support of family, friends, and church, or other miraculous networks. This is a practical way for others to be a part of God’s work.

Take time to prayerfully consider how to fulfill your part of the financial responsibility. You can prayerfully consider and articulate your vision—inviting others to share in the blessing by participating financially and spiritually. Plan a fundraising party or invite people one on one to support you with one-time or monthly donations. Lecture fees are due on the first full day of your lecture phase. If you have questions about fundraising, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

How do I get to the school?

On the arrival day for your school, we will meet you at the airport and arrange transport to our school.

What do the school facilities look like?

Want to discover more about our Lausanne campus? Click here and see where the first month of your MLD will be hosted!

Want to see where the Mediterranean portion of your school will be hosted? YWAM Lausanne has rented space in a retreat center on the shores of Mediterranean. Click here to check out the location. Have your browser translate the page from Arabic to English.


Further Training

Consider doing more training after your MLD. These schools start within 3 months of the finish of this MLD.

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