MAY 2024 Update

MAY 2024 Update

May 15th, 2024 | Vol. 5 No. 5


Apostolic Missional Learning Community


Dear Friends,

Often when Darlene Cunningham reflects on the pioneering years of YWAM and YWAM Lausanne she often uses the phrase “We proved God great in those years.” As they trusted in God, listened and obeyed, he could prove his character to them again and again. In those years the teaching on knowing God’s nature and character became a building block for the mission. None of what YWAM Lausanne is today could have been accomplished without a deep understanding of God’s character and complete confidence that he will be who his Word says he is. In this season, we have felt God leading us to strengthen our understanding of God’ character, to form the basis of our trust and obedience.We were thrilled last week to welcome 88 students from 13 nations to YWAM Lausanne. They've arrived to engage in four UofN courses we are offering. Each YWAM training location is an apostolic missional learning community. As an apostolic community, we are led by the word of the Lord. We are missional to our core. We aim to spread the Gospel to the nations. We partake in this through a learning mode most referred to as discipleship. The context for all three of these concepts is a community, we live out all three as a community.

Just as in the initial pioneering years of YWAM Lausanne, we remain in the perfect situation to prove God great. Which is why reminding ourselves of who he is, is vital.When we continue to obey God and trust him for the impossible, we will always be dependent on him to display his character, and once again prove his greatness to us. As we look ahead to what we envision to do in 2024, it is ripe with opportunities for God to again display his character. Our current schools are preparing for five different outreaches. We have an upcoming global leadership school, our largest Q3 DTS in many years, preparations for our second DTS in North Africa, sustained service in our local initiatives and many more, in all of these contexts we are dependent on God to be faithful.

Markus, Anita, Emeline, Daniel, and Jordan

Life with the Lord Podcast

Joële shares with us how God showed up in her life after an intense accident earlier this year. Amidst great loss God is asking us to turn to Him, in a deeper way to increase our sensitivity to Himself.

Joële has been with YWAM since its beginnings, completing DTS in Makapala in 1975. Since then she has dedicated herself to the advancing of Kings Kids initiatives throughout the francophone countries of the world. She is a key influencer in the French speaking world (approximately 52 countries globally) helping oversee King's Kids aim in empowering youth and teens to find the place God has created for them. We are honoured to have her share her experience with us.

We are also excited to introduce a video production for this episode, you are able to watch via Youtube or download the audio via Buzzsprout

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God's Hand on Outreach


A small testimony from one of our current outreach teams: "One group of us went to 2 women who came around 6 months ago to Egypt. One of the ladies told us that she needed to quit her job as she started to have a lot of pain on her hands. Whenever she touched water, her hands started to hurt. So she was most of the day at home and endured a lot of pain. We a a team asked her if we could pray over her and she said yes. We prayed and asked how the pain was and she said better. So we prayed again. And the second time she started to cry and smiled and said it is all gone. We asked her if she would like to test it by putting her hands into some water, she did and the pain was gone!!!!!!!! The other woman who was just observing it all came in the middle of the prayers closer and later as we asked her how she is doing she answered, I am struggling with a lot of headache, neck pain and pain in my legs. She cannot remember a day without any pain. So we asked if we could pray over her and she said yes. We prayed. After the prayer she cried, laughed and said, she felt a cold shower going over her whole body and the pain left. She had no more headache!!!!! The feet still hurt so we took another time praying over them and again, the pain left! God is so good! The team recognised the incredible miracle we were able to testify and the students were so amazed to see how God is still moving today!"


Upcoming Courses

Forging the Future


Thank You

We are so thankful for your prayers and investment in the ministry of YWAM Lausanne. For our summer initiatives we are trusting God for his provision of staff and finances to make it all possible. We would love to invite you to cover this upcoming quarter with your prayers and if God leads you to give towards our ministry, enabling us to provide catalytic missions training and kingdom-shaped service in the communities that God has called us to in Lausanne and beyond. To do so click here.