May 2023 Update

May 2023 Update

May 15th, 2023 | Vol. 4 No. 5


Growth of Leaders in Missions


This quarter we are running the Ministry and Leadership Development (MLD) school. In a world where more often than not true and healthy leadership is missing, this school comes out to meet this need. Its foundations are to give people a place to be walked within leadership and growth. In YWAM Lausanne we believe that this is what the mission movement also needs, not just people but leaders who can pioneer and facilitate God’s purpose on Earth. In this season we have been blessed with a wonderful staff team and students. They are so excited to grow in their skills and be challenged in their experiences and preconceptions of what ministry and leadership means. We are so excited to see what the Lord is going to do through them in our base at this time and in His plan for their future.


Life with the Lord Podcast

In this episode, we sit down with Christine Colby to discuss Biblical worldview and Community development. Christine is the founder of the Community Development School in YWAM and has been working for decades all around the world in this area. Come join us as we explore this topic and how it can transform the way missions are done worldwide.


Refugee Centers


While going to the nations is and will always be a major focus for our community, we are also dedicated to outreach in our context here in Switzerland. In the last several months, we have made contact with a refugee center that opened up near the campus. With the middle east and central asia on many of our hearts, we felt a special opportunity that refugees from these nations would be brought into our immediate surroundings. Unlike many of our outreach locations where the social needs of refugees are met but not their physical ones, here in Switzerland the opposite is true. The refugees are well provided for physically, but their social needs are less looked after. Seeing this opportunity, as a community we have begun to spend time with them, building relationships and getting to know the families. One evening, we invited them all to the campus to share a meal with us. One of the men from central asia told one of our leaders that he was amazed; after being in Switzerland for 10 months, this was the first time he was invited to go anywhere. We are working to continue building relationships with the people and in the future we hope to offer outing, language learning, and bible studies.


Biblical Foundation for Life

Forging the Future

As we look into next year, one of the programs we are very excited to run is our School of Bilbical Studies beginning in January. It is a year-long programme committed to growing and strengthening your foundation of the Bible, by studying all 66 books in depth with a community full of people seeking after the heart of God. This transformation program builds an amazing biblical foundation in the students’ lives that continues to bear fruit no matter what or where the Lord leads them. We see countless times in scripture, the importance of spending time in the word of the Lord. In John 8, we see where it says “If you abide in my word, you are my disciples indeed” - John 8:31 No more than ever before, the world is in need of people with these strong bilibcal roots in their lives and there is no better way than to spend a year studying through the scriptures from start to finish.

Testimony of SBS

Before I did my SBS, I was incredibly intimidated by the workload. However, the concept of knowing each book in-depth enticed me, so it became a dream of mine. After completing a number of DBS’, I was able to spend all of last year as a student of the SBS, and it was probably one of the best years of my life. Encountering the text for myself and to experience its original intent was life changing. Going into the school, I was confused about what God’s calling was for my life. I had a variety of passions but didn’t quite see how they all lined up. Throughout the school, God really deepened my passion for helping others encounter the Bible, and confirmed what a large part of my life and calling would look. However, I always felt insecure about the lifestyle of full-time missions. But what God showed me was that He used broken humans to complete mighty tasks, and it was completely His doing, He was glorified through their “yes”. From this, I was inspired to glorify God with my whole life, to devote each day, even if it’s not perfect, to radical obedience to Him. When it came to the point of deciding what to do after SBS, God spoke very clearly to me to join Oral Bible Translation. This was something I would have never imagined myself in, but all that God has shown me has built up to this point. That, like each person in the Bible, He just required my yes and he would be glorified in it all. So! This “yes” brought me to Papua New Guinea for the past 3 months where I learnt more about Oral Bible Translation through translating the book of Ruth with a people group without a Bible in their own language. And now I am preparing to go to Jerusalem to study Hebrew for a year and complete a masters in order to help bring accuracy and accountability to the Oral Bible Translation projects throughout the world. God just wants our “yes”, and he will surely be glorified!

Julia Penner

- Julia Penner, Canada
SBS alumni


Invitation to Partner

Our ministry has always and will continue to be fully dependent on God for the direction and longevity of its mission. A mission that is directly from the heart of God, changing the lives of young people and equipping them to be sent out into the nations to fulfill the great commission. The wider body of Christ and generosity of many has always played a major part in the fruitfulness and success of YWAM’s journey with God up until now. We would love to invite you to prayerfully consider the possibility of partnering with us and our ministry. As God has blessed each one of us, so shall we bless one another. Thank you for considering to be a part of what God wants to do through YWAM Lausanne. To make a donation click here.