Mar. 2023 Update

Mar. 2023 Update

Mar. 15th, 2023 | Vol. 4 No. 3


Foundations for Counseling Ministry Returning in Q3

FCM in Q3

We will be running a Foundations for Counseling Ministry (FCM) school in the third quarter of this year! The FCM course equips students to minister to the hurting, heal the broken, and restore the lost by first looking deep into their own hearts. Understanding our own behaviors helps us to understand the actions and attitudes of others. Through this course, students master the skill of active listening, witness transformation in both their lives and others, and gain new insights into human growth and development. Additionally, students develop a biblical motivation to counsel and be counseled. The course begins with three months of lecture phase, which includes teachings, small group sharing, processing, personal reflection, worship, interaction times, and practical ministries as well. We are so excited to host this school once again and add it to the courses we offer in the summer.

Testimony from FCM

"I love talking with people and getting to know them. But before FCM, some days I would lose all my energy to listen and sympathize with others. I couldn’t understand why I would suddenly lose all my capacity to listen. From the first few weeks of FCM onward, I learned so much—especially about how to be a good listener. I realized that the reason I sometimes felt so worn out while listening to others was because I believed I had to offer an answer or a piece of advice. But in FCM I learned that I don’t need to find a solution to someone’s problem in order to help them—it’s part of their own journey to figure it out themselves. I can support and walk alongside them simply by listening and helping them clarify their own thoughts and emotions. I’ve grown through FCM in so many other ways as well. I highly recommend it, even to those not planning to continue a degree in counseling—it’s been so good to learn how to walk alongside my friends, family, and classmates in a healthy way."

Alexia Castillo

Lillian VanDeWalker, USA
FCM Alumni


Kingdom Come Event Makes Impact

kindgom come

Earlier this month, we held our first Kingdom Come event of this year! In the days leading up to Kingdom Come, we spent a few local outreach times handing out flyers about the event and inviting people to join us. Throughout the event, we gathered around tables and spoke with people from around the city, sharing testimonies and listening to life stories over a hot meal. Our team also prepared a dance performance, a face painting station for the children, and a table of Bibles in many different languages—over the course of the evening we were able to hand out several Bibles! During the event, the speakers for the DTS that week shared a few testimonies and a word, inviting people to recommit their lives to God. It was an amazing night of fellowship, delicious food, and strengthening connections with people from the city of Lausanne.

kindgom come

Life with the Lord Podcast

In this episode, we sit down with Christophe Ulysse to discuss evangelism. We dive into the Biblical basis for boldly sharing our faith, practical advice about how to approach conversations, and so much more. Come join us as we explore what it means to share the gospel and how we can share the good news our in daily lives!


School of Worship Album Released


As we mentioned in one of our recent updates, the worship album by our School of Worship this summer has been released. The record, called "Ebenezer," is comprised of an original song from each of the students. This collection of songs celebrates the faith and strength that comes from trusting in God's promises. We are extremely excited to celebrate this moment as the first music we have produced as a community is now available on Spotify, apple music, and other platforms for all of you to enjoy. This is just a first taste of what is to come as we look ahead to the next School of Worship happening this summer. There are already a number of students who are applying. We are excited to continue to raise up the next generation of worship leaders and musicians. We are also praying for the Lord to bring us a skilled producer who would like to come alongside the many talented song writers within our community to see more and more worship music released. There is a very bright future ahead and this album is just the tip of the iceberg. We look forward to sharing the continued outpouring of our ministry in this area.



Invitation to Partner with Us

God has continued to give us a clear vision of training and equipping young people for missions. Hundreds of students are welcomed onto our campus each year and we're looking to help widen our doors to accept even more. To do this, we want to offer partial scholarships throughout 2023. These scholarships will help pave the way for many more young people to be trained that otherwise would not have had such an opportunity. Would you consider sponsoring one of these future missionaries? As God has blessed each one of us, so shall we bless one another. Thank you for being a part of what God wants to do through YWAM Lausanne. To donate to the scholarship fund click here.