Is the Bible relevant in the third millenium?!

Is the Bible Relevant for Life in the Third Millenium? – Why the Bible is Great to Invest Time in

We are in the third millennium and never before in the history of humanity was life so astonishing, marvelous, confusing, difficult and precious. It seems that every person has a sense of urgency to live well and to make the most of everything: time, money, opportunities, abilities, entertainment, knowledge… of life!

Wherever you go you can see and feel the urgency. This is the main reason, at least for me, why it’s great to invest time with the Bible. Although some will ask what an ancient book like the Bible has to offer to the challenges of life in our days, I have no doubt about the relevance of the Scriptures.

The Bible is relevant because it comes from an Eternal God, who knows about the times and eras, the seasons and periods of humanity, and the individual days of each person even before they have come to pass. Beyond culture, language, historical or personal events, the Bible is for the heart of man. And as Jesus said, he knew from the beginning what was in the hearts of man: the questions, the longings, the rebellion, the strongest desires, the most hidden fears, the cherished dreams, the deepest concerns of each person. Everything is, “uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account” (Heb. 4:13).

Because He knows, he addresses the subjects concerning the heart of man in His Word. Marriage, raising of children, relationships, money, sex, vocation, fear, love and hatred, all of these topics are in the Bible, with the wisdom of the One who knows everything.

The Bible is relevant because it is not about religion, nor theology, it is about man’s heart. It’s about the One who created and loves and understands man.

The Bible is relevant, because its main purpose is to speak to the heart of those that in the beginning were deceived by the lies of the enemy and lost their unique relationship with their Creator. The Bible is a message of love, forgiveness and redemption. It is a call to be reconciled to God.

The Bible is relevant because it is true! For those who need scientific or historical evidences, they can find it. But it is not that kind of truth I’m referring to now. I’m talking about the truth that frees man from the bondage of death, lies, vices, hatred and lack of peace.

Through time, the Bible presents the person who is the Truth—not a concept or philosophy— but a relationship that inspires man to embrace “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable,” the highest ethic pattern desirable by (most) governments and society is the Jesus presented in the Bible. Jesus is “fully human,” capable of living this pattern and enabling anyone who believes in Him to attain it, too.

The Bible is relevant because it is practical. Anybody can apply its teachings, instructions, advice, principles and values. But don’t presume that it is just a manual for ethical living. The Bible is character transforming not behavior controlling. It is the relationship with the One who walked on this earth as Son of God and Son of Man, “the Word became flesh,” that makes the difference! He is the central personage of the entire Scripture. He said, “These are the very Scriptures that testify about me” (John 5:39).

But why should you believe my words? Why not experience the Bible for yourself, reading, meditating and immersing yourself in the Scriptures? Not because you need solace or something to get you through a difficult time as some people would. But to be transformed, to make it a lifestyle for you and your family. If the Bible is this great to spend your time with, come and join us in one of our schools at Lausanne!


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