Team joins Loren Cunningham on ‘Korea Vision Tour’

Korea Vision Tour-Web

A team from YWAM Lausanne sets off today to South Korea where they will join YWAM founder, Loren Cunningham, and another YWAM team from Kona, Hawaii for a two-week speaking tour around South Korea.

The visit is the first of a three-part Korea Vision Tour and was birthed from a vision Loren Cunningham experienced in which he saw a second wave of young Christians going out from South Korea into the nations as missionaries, just as the previous generation did before them.

With a clear passion for calling forth young Koreans into missions, Loren and the two teams are excited to travel around South Korea visiting churches and speaking with young people across the country. Starting in Seoul, the team will head out to six cities and visit nine churches in the southeastern region. Loren will share about missions and the vision of YWAM and team members will share their life-transforming experiences serving in missions and pray with the young people.

“We want them to get a taste of what missions entails and help them discern if they are called to missions,” says Tyler, one of the YWAM Lausanne team members. “I know that my life was transformed through the Discipleship Training School and I want to share my experience with them because I believe that a lot of youth are searching for God and the Discipleship Training School is a great place to start on that journey of knowing God better.”

For Jinah, another YWAM Lausanne team member, this tour is especially personal since South Korea is her home country and she will have the opportunity to call forth young people into missions from her own culture.

“I think Korea is a very unique country because of its history and the way God has moved in that country. We’ve seen so much of God’s blessing, and I really believe God’s handprint is on that country. But that passion for God needs to be revived and a new wave of young Christians must respond to God’s calling on their life,” says Jinah. “Id love to see more young people jumping into missions and following God’s call in their life.”

The team arrives tomorrow and begins touring on Saturday. Please join us in praying for the release of young people in South Korea into missions and check back for regular updates on the team’s experiences while on tour!

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