JUN 2024 Update

JUN 2024 Update

JUN 14th, 2024 | Vol. 5 No. 6


Embracing Our Inheritance


Dear Friends,

A key passage of scripture are the words of Jesus in Luke 10:2, where he tells his disciples that “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” This is one of the inspiring words behind our expansion. Believing that the harvest is plentiful, we are called to help raise and launch workers into his harvest. This past week we welcomed back our DTS outreach teams from Egypt, Mexico, and Brazil, where they could preach the gospel to hundreds of people and witness many giving their lives to Jesus. A great example of what we are called to!

Our recent expansion goes beyond increasing space for more students. It signifies an expansion of vision and an embrace of our inheritance. Just as the nation of Israel crossed the Jordan and claimed key cities in Canaan as vital parts of their inheritance, we too are stepping into our God-given promises. Starting in 2023, our vision has expanded in two key areas: North Africa and Lausanne.

In North Africa, we are trusting God to start a new location in Alexandria, with many pieces coming together. In Lausanne, we've seen incredible opportunities open up in refugee and university ministry, as well as our evangelistic events. Last month, during our prayer day, we spread out across Lausanne, praying and listening to God’s heart for each sphere of society.

In a similar way to Joshua looking over the land and cities in front of him, we see God’s promises beginning to take shape in North Africa and Lausanne, two key pillars of ministry for YWAM Lausanne.

Markus, Anita, Emeline, Daniel, and Jordan

Life with the Lord Podcast

Chris Hippe, Lead Pastor of City Central Church in Tacoma, Washington, college professor of Systematic Theology and Biblical Studies at Faith International University, and a good friend of YWAM Lausanne, offers us insights into personal spiritual development, God's way.

In this session, Chris reveals strategies for nurturing our spiritual growth: recognizing the season you’re in, taking steps forward, and asking powerful questions in your relationship with God. Through his own experiences with the Lord, Chris demonstrates how God teaches and guides us through every phase of life.

We are also excited to introduce a video production for this episode, you are able to watch via Youtube or download the audio via Buzzsprout

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The Harvest is Plenty


"The day started during our morning intercession time where I felt God gave me a picture of a specific woman, sitting at one of the tables we planned to set up. And that's not normally something that happens to me. “I wonder what God will do with that,” I thought. That evening I tried to use some of the skills and techniques we've been learning in DTS. And to be honest, it was a bit of a disaster. I was, trying to have deep conversations with people, however they weren't really interested.

Later in the evening I joined a table that already had some people eating and enjoying the performances. I chatted with one of the ladies, one of the first things she said to me was, “I just really feel like if I had a relationship with Jesus, it would solve all my problems.” I was too stunned to really know what to say because I wasn't expecting that. I shared her the story of creation and how Jesus came to restore our relationship to him. She was really moved by that and accepted Jesus into her life!

One of the key verses I heard during evangelism week was “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” For me that verse had always felt very burdensome. I'd always focused on the second half, I felt had to sort of drag my feet to evangelism. But that day, the Lord really showed me that the first half of the verse that, the harvest is plentiful.

God had clearly been on her case already, preparing her heart to meet Him. And so, yeah, me being there, I just enabled that final step to her accepting Jesus into her life. It was clear that it was nothing I did. It was it wasn't my striving. It was an amazing evening seeing God's faithfulness, how God is more zealous and more hungry, He has more of a longing to bring people to himself than than I do!"

- Fiona, current DTS student



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Forging the Future


Thank You

We are very grateful for the heroes of faith who have gone before us, and whose shoulders we stand on today. We also recognize the numerous amounts of alumni who have prayed and given financially over the years, that have contributed to what YWAM Lausanne is today. As we continue to trust God for the inheritance, he has spoken over YWAM Lausanne, we would love to invite you to join our support team with a one-time gift or a monthly contribution. You can do both here.