Jun. 2023 Update

Jun. 2023 Update

June 15th, 2023 | Vol. 4 No. 6


A heart for the Bible


We as YWAM Lausanne community have been led into a greater passion and focus on the Bible, and as a result we have had the incredible opportunity to run our Discipleship Bible School here every quarter! The DBS is a program that provides the opportunity to read the entire Bible chronologically within just 3 months, while having weekly lectures from Bible scholars and teachers from around the world. Staff and students read in a ‘small group’ setting which offers a transformational experience of going deeper into the word of God together and individually, as well as learning key tools of how to study and approach the Bible. Students come to know God’s character and nature in a much more personal and intimate way, understand the historical background of the books, see the connection of the Old and New Testament, and all while being equipped with an overview presentation of the whole Bible! DBS participants can truly testify how the “Bible was not written to us, but FOR us”!


Testimony of DBS

Before my DBS, I struggled to find motivation and passion to read the Bible, and I never really knew where to start. So I was excited to set the time apart to really dive into the word of God. My journey with the school completely surpassed my already high expectations, and my life was changed in the best way possible. I experienced God’s love and heart for his people like never before. I was able to visualize myself in the stories I was reading from Scripture, and relate with the people in them. I saw that he truly is the same God in both the Old and New Testament, and was faithful without fail to his people who, more often than not, were not faithful to Him. I was able to connect with times in my own life where I realized that God never abandoned me, and I saw clearly how deep his love was, is, and always will be. One of my highlights of the DBS was reading the Bible together with my small group. Being able to share revelations and highlights with others as you’re reading, as well as having deep discussions and conversations was truly incredible. Upon finishing the course, I was in a place where I wanted to go even deeper into God’s word; I was given such a passion for the Bible! My DBS really set the foundation of the Bible in my life, and how I study it. It’s exciting to think that this is just the first step of a lifelong journey of discovering and living out the truths of the word of God!

Todd Haidet

- Todd Haidet, USA
DBS alumni


CCC outreach in North Africa


Our Create & Communicate Course residency students joined our Q1 DTS and Q2 BCC students in North Africa for a ten day media outreach. During their time there, the CCC team recorded several interviews on location with the DTS and BCC, documented times of ministry and lectures, and captured moments of local culture. This was an amazing opportunity for our CCC residency students to put into practice what they have learned over the past few months as well as for our communications office to receive updated outreach footage and images. We’re excited to continue to see the fruits of this outreach—both in communicating how God is moving in the nations and in calling more young people into missions.

Life with the Lord Podcast

In this episode, we sit down with Ernest Loh, our current SBS leader, to talk about the reasons biblical schools are crucial for believers. Ernest has staffed 3 SBS and lead 2 so far here in YWAM Lausanne, he's got a passion for the transformation that occurs through studying the Bible. Come join us as we discover what biblical schools are, how they study the Bible and the importance of this in our lives.


Oral Bible Translation

Forging the Future

One of the movements that has become central in YWAM as a whole, is the Oral Bible Translation movement - seeking the day that every person on earth has the scriptures in their native language. As a community, we are supporting this vision and have “adopted” one of the Bible-less languages, Kanga, hailing from Sudan. To help organize the efforts of prayer, and to track the progress of translation projects around the world, a website has been set up with information about the languages and where people can commit to intercede for the languages. If you would like to join us in praying for the translation of the Bible into Kanga, you can sign up here. We have a connection through our long term work in North Africa to native speakers and have begun to set up a translation project to turn our prayers into action. In September, we are going to be running the Oral Bible Translation course on our campus. The students will then get to participate with the project we are undertaking, providing an amazing opportunity to get involved practically. We are excited to be apart of seeing everyone on earth being able to access the scriptures in their native languages.


Invitation to Partner

Have you heard about the Mediterranean DTS we are running in October? Our heart is to expand our borders and offer a DTS in North Africa that will open the door for people in that region to do a DTS. You probably have heard about our ministry with the R3 Center, a center that is focused on helping Sudanese refugees in North Africa. Many of them are interested in doing this DTS and need financial support to make this possible. This is why we want to use our platform to voice this need and invite you to partner with them, funding their scholarship to do a Discipleship Training School. We often pray for these countries to receive the word of God, and this is a practical way to partner with God and be the answer to these prayers! If you would like to become part of this, make a donation by clicking here and specifying on the message box that it's a donation for the sudanese scholarships.