Jul. 2023 Update

Jul. 2023 Update

July 14th, 2023 | Vol. 4 No. 7


Internalizing the Word


July is here and with it our Word by Heart Seminar! We are so blessed to have it back on campus. This seminar teaches our students the Bible through imagined memories. How? It's not by rote memorization as you may think but by creating a memory of the story, imagining yourself witnessing it. Using imagined sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings, we are able to see the story played out like a movie in our brain. This makes the story come alive, the words easier to remember, and helps you engage an audience because you're sharing something you have ties to emotionally. Throughout 5 weeks our students will learn 5 stories and share it with others. In YWAM Lausanne we believe in the power of stories, how much more in those we find in the Bible!

Testimony of WBH

I did my Word By Heart School in 2017 in Kristiansand, Norway. During my school we internalized about 90 minutes of the Gospel of Mark. After my DTS in 2015 I knew I needed to have God’s word as the foundation in my life, even after my DTS I did not fully know who my amazing savior Jesus was. I used to struggle with great insecurities and fear of failure which often led to panic attacks. I felt trapped by this and felt it was impossible for me to overcome my own fear. For me Word By Heart became the starting point for my healing, where I got to meet with Jesus face to face in His own Word. Not only did His stories become alive for me, His grace became real.
Every week we would internalize a portion of the Gospel of Mark through a structured methodology that allowed us to meditate and share revelations of Jesus with one another. One highlight for me was the week we worked on the story about the bleeding woman and the daughter of Jairus. I was especially challenged by these characters and their faith. Seeing Jesus from their point of view, how much faith they had in Jesus and how Jesus responded to them, I needed to ask myself; in my challenges do I lose my faith? Where do I place my faith? When I place my faith in Jesus, how does He respond to me? Word By Heart was the platform where I could internalize His Word and where I could meet with a personal Jesus who met with me. Healing takes time, but for me it started in the Bible. Through this school I changed the way I read the Bible and the Gospels. From reading it as a distant text it became a meeting place with a personal God.

Todd Haidet

- Monika Espeland, Norway
WBH alumni


Regen is back!


The annual 2-week regeneration outreach has kicked off! We have gathered a huge team from all around the world to minister and see God’s kingdom come in the Swiss-French region. The heart of this outreach is to use the sphere of arts to innovate creative and exciting ways to share the Good News of Jesus. We’re also present through hospitality, bible distribution, family ministry, and conversational evangelism. As we follow the ultimate Creator, we desire to build a platform for beautiful, godly creativity that will give Him glory and reach others in a unique way. In the past years, this dynamic outreach has taken place around the Montreux Music Festival. This year, God revealed a new path to expand beyond the borders of the past. This led our steps to begin reaching out in multiple locations around our region. We are expectant that this fresh approach will spark a flame in the years to come. Join with us in prayer for His favor and wisdom so these new platforms can be built up strong and anointed, giving way for His kingdom to come.


Kingdom Come


As a community we gather 4 times a year and we prepare the Kingdom Come event in downtown Lausanne. We have been hosting this event for almost a year and we have seen God breakthrough and open doors for us to minister the city of Lausanne. The last couple Kingdom Come events have taken place in a different location, we have been blessed with a more open spot downtown in Ouchy! The passion of these last evenings was contagious. There were times of testimonies, worship, performing arts, preaching, prayer, and lots of fellowship. We got to see people get baptized and open their hearts for deep conversations. We are so thankful for all your prayers over this ministry and to God for championing us in loving this city.


Invitation to Partner

Our ministry has always and will continue to be fully dependent on God for the direction and longevity of its mission. A mission that is directly from the heart of God, changing the lives of young people and equipping them to be sent out into the nations to fulfill the great commission. The wider body of Christ and generosity of many has always played a major part in the fruitfulness and success of YWAM’s journey with God up until now. We would love to invite you to prayerfully consider the possibility of partnering with us and our ministry. As God has blessed each one of us, so shall we bless one another. Thank you for considering to be a part of what God wants to do through YWAM Lausanne. To make a donation click here.