Jan. 2024 Update

Jan. 2024 Update

Jan. 2024 Update

January 15th, 2024 | Vol. 5 No. 1


Compass for 2024


Dear Friends,

Navigating our sense of direction is a crucial aspect of our journey. For believers, it is imperative to derive our direction from God. His Word and will should serve as the compass guiding our life.

Entering 2024, we reflected on how God has guided YWAM Lausanne. His words have formed the riverbanks of our calling. Fundamental to this foundation are the Great Commission and the Great Commandments. Jesus’ instructions to his disciples; to make disciples of all nations and to love God and neighbour. The realization of these mandates in our lives requires a deep transformation into the image of Jesus.

In addition to drawing direction from God's Word, our guidance stems from how God has led YWAM, encapsulated in our visions, values, and covenants—each embedded in our unique story. Under this umbrella, we follow God to live and work in anticipation of the vision conveyed by the prophet Habakkuk, envisioning a day when "The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea" (Hab 2:14).

Empowered by these guiding principles, we enter the new year filled with faith and hope. This week, we welcomed students from around the world into this transformative context. With expectation, we trust that God will lead us all into all His purposes for YWAM Lausanne in 2024. Your prayers for the journey ahead are greatly appreciated, and we, in turn, pray and trust that God will fulfill His purposes in your life this year.

Markus, Anita, Emeline, Daniel, and Jordan

Life with the Lord Podcast

In this episode we sit down with Chloe Cude, She is a YWAMer pioneering Bible schools all over the world. She is also the creator of this podcast and she comes to tells us how she has seen the Word of God transform lifes just by learning it. She has staffed and led Word by Hear seminars and Schools, and she will also share testimonies about how the learning method in WBH is actually transforming nations colaborating with in Oral Bible Translation projects. Come sit with us and learn more about how God is moving in the nations through His Word.


Stories from Madagascar


Our French/English DTS is currently on outreach in Madagascar. Over the past four weeks, they have been actively serving the community. Here is a brief testimony from a couple of weeks ago.

A remarkable highlight of our outreach was a unique opportunity to reach out to tribal communities. Due to the geography of Madagascar, these people groups are primarily reachable via air. Before the trip, our team engaged in a powerful time of intercession and a prayer burn that lasted for several hours. During this period, we received vivid images, meaningful verses, and inspiring words.

The impact of our prayers became evident the next day when we witnessed the tangible power of prayer. Landing in a village with a population of a thousand people, we were able to provide essential medical care and dentistry services. Our outreach went beyond physical needs; we seized numerous opportunities to minister to the people, share the gospel, and uplift a recently planted church. We experienced God's presence in extraordinary ways – from praying for the sick and witnessing demons being cast out to observing healings and individuals finding freedom in Christ.

Our team was able to see the Bible in action and our time in the village experience would have felt like a typical day for Jesus.

Madagascar Outreach Team, French-English DTS



Coming up in April



Thank You

In 2023 we were able to offer partial scholarships to numerous amounts of students. This opened the door for many to be equipped for global missions. Some of the beneficiaries of these scholarships have been students in our Mediterranean DTS. To be able to send refugees out as missionaries to share their stories of hope and transformation exemplifies God’s redemptive purposes.

We would love to invite you to help us offer another wave of scholarships for missional training this year. To do so you can donate here. Thank you.