Jan. 2023 Update

Jan. 2023 Update

Jan. 15th, 2023 | Vol. 4 No. 1


Q1 Starts off Strong

q1 starts off strong

To kick off this amazing year, our campus has been revitalized with a wonderful intake of 50 new students from around the globe. This quarter we are offering four exciting programs. They are a Discipleship Training School (DTS), Discipleship Bible School (DBS), English Learning for Missions (ELM), and the brand new Create & Communicate Course (CCC). This variety of programs, coupled with the more than 20 nations represented in the staff and students of our schools, has created a vibrant and wonderful atmosphere. What better way to start the new year than with such a dynamic display of diversity in unity? There is an infectious energy and atmosphere of excitement on our campus that sets the tone for this year.

q1 starts off strong


DTS Togo Team Makes Impact

DTS Togo Team

Our Q4 DTS students kickstarted their outreach phase in the beautiful country of Togo. During the past few weeks, they have been actively involved with quite a few ministries, such as door-to-door visits, evangelism, kids ministry, youth nights, Bible studies, food distribution, Bible/audio Bible distribution, teaching and preaching. It has been an absolute joy for the students to serve and journey alongside the people of Togo, as they witness the wonderful work that God is doing in their lives and the lives of those around them.

DTS togo ministry

Testimony from the DTS Togo Team

"Coming from a non-Christian upbringing and then my first couple of years of being a Christian being very conservative, I’d heard about healings but I’m not quite sure if I fully believed it. I would probe people with questions who had seen it before to ask how it happens. I was so curious practically what it looks like. Before outreach, I wrote down that I wanted to see a healing.
Fast forward to a morning of door to door ministry and God had put on my mind the word ‘healing’. We had just finished one house visit which was frustrating due to translation so it definitely wasn’t “in the zone”. But God worked through us that morning to heal 3 women of different pains and ailments in their body and since then we’ve been able to pray for and see about 8 healings so far.
One lady in particular had been in an accident and her leg was deformed and she had a lot of pain after her surgery and couldn’t put any weight in it.
I felt God say “pray 10 times”. After 2 times all the pain left her and then the rest of the times we were praying for God to put muscle on her leg so she could put weight on it. After the 10 times she had enough strength to put some weight on it and there was no pain at all!
To me it doesn’t feel like anything special when praying in the moment, there’s no special feeling flowing through my body or anything. Just having absolute faith that what we’re declaring will happen. God has really more than answered my request to ‘see one healing’ this outreach! "

Eli Whitesell

Cameron Redpath, Australia
DTS Student


Brand New Performing Arts DTS Coming Soon

	Brand New Performing Arts DTS Coming Soon

In quarter two of this year, we are very excited to launch a brand new format of Discipleship Training School centered around the arts. This entire area of arts and celebration is an area we as a whole community have been feeling the pull of the holy spirit to engage in more and more. In alignment with this, we are excited to welcome the Performing Arts Discipleship Training School (PADTS) to the portfolio of training we offer. This new format will be slightly longer, 6 months instead of 5 to allow for a deeper focus to be placed on using performance and the arts as an evangelism tool. Over the course of the lecture phase, the students and staff will assemble a program which they will then take on outreach. Outreach will also look different for this school. Over the summer season when they will be doing their outreach, Europe is inundated with festivals, events, and gatherings which welcome performers from around the world. The PADTS will take their program to these events and festivals where we expect they will touch the lives of many and have a very fruitful outreach. We invite you to join us in prayer for this bold new format of DTS as we pioneer this new program to change the lives of many.

Life with the Lord Podcast

In this episode, we sit down with Joesph Avakian to discuss the aspect of communication in God's character and nature. Come join us as we explore more of what it means to serve a God who communicates and how we can better reflect this aspect of his character in daily life!


Invitation to Partner with Us

As we've entered this new year, God has continued to give us a clear vision of training and equipping young people for missions. Hundreds of students are welcomed onto our campus each year and we're looking to help widen our doors to accept even more. To do this, we want to offer partial scholarships throughout 2023. These scholarships will help pave the way for many more young people to be trained that otherwise would not have had such an opportunity. Would you consider sponsoring one of these future missionaries? As God has blessed each one of us, so shall we bless one another. Thank you for being a part of what God wants to do through YWAM Lausanne. To donate to the scholarship fund click here.