Impact Europe Outreach

Join us as we sow seeds of transformation and revival in the heart of Europe!

What is Impact Europe?

Bring the Gospel to the Streets

Europe deeply needs to be called back to God. The fire of knowing God that has burned for centuries is dwindling. Now is the moment to participate in sharing the gospel in the streets of Europe to see its people impacted and turn to God. Join us for 10 days of evangelism and mercy ministry in Lausanne, Switzerland.

While Europe grapples with a shifting landscape towards a post-Christian era, we believe it is a pivotal moment for missionaries from around the world to converge in Europe. Our aim is to remind the continent of its hope, foundation, and identity. In the midst of what is often called a post-Christian phase, we firmly believe it is the stage for revival!

These short-term missions trips, strategically aligned with our long-term projects like Kingdome Come, are designed to contribute to the revival we envision for the streets of our city and in Europe.


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This Year's Dates

Lots of Opportunities

These outreaches will take place in the strategic city of Lausanne, Switzerland. Within these 10 days, you will have training on evangelism, surrounded by times of worship and prayer. Each day there will be opportunities to share the gospel in the streets, serve refugees, care for the homeless, and witness to international students. You will be immersed in a YWAM context where our heartbeat is to know God and make him known.

The cost would be 500 CHF and these are our dates!

  • May 20-30, 2024
  • August 5-15, 2024

In addition to the on-the-street experiences, being in Switzerland allows us to explore and impart God's vision for reformation. Imagine what it could look like for a city or a nation to be transformed into God's kingdom. During this missions trip, you will not only engage in evangelism but also be inspired by the incredible story of Switzerland and its journey with God.

Join us as we sow seeds of transformation and revival in the heart of Europe!

Emphasis of IEO


We will go on the streets of Lausanne and share our faith with a variety of expressions communicating the Gospel in a culturally relevant way that inspires people to follow Jesus.

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Mercy Ministry

We have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we serve refugees from around the world who have arrived in Europe. As well as showing compassion to the homeless in our city.

Emphasis of IEO


We will have dynamic speakers to inspire and empower you for evangelism. You will learn about God's heart for Europe and the lost.


So what are you waiting for?

Say yes to this adventure that will change your life and make an Impact in Europe.