Health Insurance Agreement

You agreed to be registered with SwissCare before you arrive, and have to pay the monthly cost of health insurance.

In accordance to the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance, all persons who reside in Switzerland, regardless of nationality, need to be insured so that they can be protected according to the minimum requirement of the health laws. This insurance is called “Basic Health Insurance” and you can be insured in the cases of accident, illness, and/or pregnancy.

The insurance provider must be one recognized by the Swiss government. The Swiss government has strict requirements as to which insurance company is considered acceptable.

To fulfill the requirements of the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance, all students and staff at YWAM Lausanne are working with an insurance company called Swisscare to be insured. Upon arrival at YWAM Lausanne, each new student is insured with this company for an amount of  86 CHF per month.  (430 CHF for a five-month period/ 258 CHF for a three-month period).

This insurance provides an entire line of benefits that are required by the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance:

International guarantees, sickness and accidents, maternity, hospital in/out patients, general practitioner and/or specialist, prescription drugs, search and rescue assistance 24/7. Also, in the case of problems occurred in a foreign country, medical repatriation to Switzerland or to the home country is included in the insurance.

This insurance follows the rules of the Swiss health insurance scheme regarding the deductibles.  The deductibles amount to 500 CHF per year for this insurance.  This means that the first  500 CHF in medical costs will have to be paid by the student. Once this limit is reached, the student will only have to pay 10% of the additional costs (to a maximum of 700 CHF per year) and the rest will be fully reimbursed by Swisscare.

With our agreement with SwissCare students get the lowest cost for health insurance with all the required benefits.

Students enrolled in Swisscare must pay their insurance fee in cash at a local post office after arriving in Switzerland. We can give you more information with Swisscare’s insurance policies and benefits as you move on with the application process.

Please, let us know if you have any further questions!

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