Feb. 2024 Update

Jan. 2024 Update

Feb. 2024 Update

February 15th, 2024 | Vol. 5 No. 2


Following Jesus


Dear Friends,

To fulfill God’s call in our lives, we must be formed into a person that reflects Jesus to those around us. The reason that we walk with Jesus is indeed to become like him. This has been part of the compass word we felt God give to us; to serve as an anchoring word in 2024. When many of our students arrive on our doorstep, as they did last month, they come from a somewhat unbiblical experience. They have been living lives as believers, yet not following Jesus; a rather normal trajectory in cultures where nominal Christianity is possible. However, since they are here it means they have taken steps to be disciples, they have followed his voice as he invited them to ‘follow’. There is much potential that God can work with.

At YWAM Lausanne we have the privilege to integrate our walking with Jesus into our weekly rhythms. This is the foundation of our regular moments of worship, prayer, fellowship, and outreach. This corporate breathing in of God’s presence to breathe out his love into our ministry contexts shapes our week. When students come to YWAM Lausanne they encounter Jesus in an incredible environment of other disciples, living lives that are marked by spending time with Jesus to be like him. This is the bedrock of our apostolic community.

This communal pursuit accelerates individual growth, as evidenced by our recent Discipleship Training School (DTS) students returning from outreaches in Tanzania and Madagascar last week. Their experiences reflect the essence of a Jesus-like life: salvations, healings, deliverance, and much more.

We love to invite you to pray for the students God will entrust to us, the ones presently here and the ones to come. May God form us into the community where following the way of Jesus is our primary goal.

Markus, Anita, Emeline, Daniel, and Jordan

Life with the Lord Podcast

In this episode we sit down with Rebecca Gibbons, She is a YWAMer currently seerving in Thailand. We will listen to her story of waiting for the Lord's timing. And the process of moving to Thailand in obedience and working with the comunity over there. We will explore the importance to standing still while God works and trusting in Him for our ministries.


Stories from Madagascar


Part of our Madagascar team

Towards the end of outreach we travelled south to one of the remote areas of the Island. We served in a church, sharing a testimony and a message and by the end of this we felt like offering prayer for healing. Soon a long line was formed and we divided into teams to pray for the sick.

The line kept on getting shorter and shorter until only two people remained. A blind woman and a young girl that was assisting her. When we asked the woman what we could do for her she responded “I want to be able to read the Bible for myself”. Moved to compassion we started to pray. As I was praying I felt like taking a step back and asking God to use me and the team as a vessel for this healing. I had been praying to be a witness of a healing miracle and even though the rest of the team had seen many I still hadn’t seen one first hand.

Soon the woman started to be able to see shapes and colours and another member of the team had a vision where he was rubbing the woman’s eyes for complete healing. Asking for consent to do this he acted in faith and did what he had seen. When we finished praying the woman was able to make full contact with us, looking us in the eyes and she was able to leave the church without any help.

For our team, being able to witness the power of God through the healing of people brought us together. For me personally, this healing made me realise the God really works with us, that He isn’t a distant God, and He wants to partner in the love that we share with others.

Lilly Sloan (Madagascar Outreach Team) French-English DTS


The lady being able to see the shapes of the letters and see the church's poster


Coming up in July



Thank You

Mobilization of young people into missions is accelerated as they join our apostolic learning community and are deeply formed into the image of Jesus. Whether that is through Biblical studies, oral Bible translation, leadership training, communications teaching, or developing counseling and worship-leading skills, we are creating pathways for people to be launched into global missions.

In 2023 we could offer twenty-seven partial scholarships to students from ten different nations. We warmly invite you to help us do the same and more in 2024 by donating to our scholarship fund. You can do so here.

Thank you!