Feb. 2023 Update

Feb. 2023 Update

Feb. 15th, 2023 | Vol. 4 No. 2


New Sports DTS Coming in Q3

New Sports DTS Coming in Q3

As we are paving the way for new formats of the DTS here at YWAM Lausanne, we are excited to announce that we will be running a Sports Discipleship Training School in Quarter three this year! The sphere of sports has long been something on our hearts as a community and the SDTS is our answer to this call. Along with the lecture phase that the traditional DTS offers, students of this course will have the opportunity to connect with God and each other through their passion for sports. As the goal of every DTS is always transformation, the focus of the SDTS is transformation through sports. The students will be able to learn more about how God uses this medium to build bridges with people and cultures all over the world. In addition to this, there is an exciting opportunity for those who join the SDTS. After learning about how God can be encountered through Sport, they will be able to take their knowledge and experience to the Rugby World Cup in France this fall!


DTS North Africa Team Makes Impact

DTS North Africa Team

Our team in North Africa has been able to participate in several different areas of ministry. We have been regularly visiting schools and orphanages. We have also been able to visit a rehab center and several different churches. Another area of ministry we have been able to engage in is meeting with refugees. We have been able to bring many refugees food supplies and offer them encouragement when we have visited them in their homes. In addition, we have witnessed the healing touch of Jesus in many lives and seen both physical and emotional healings. We have also been able to see beautiful moments of individuals receiving salvation. During our time in North Africa, God has been working through us to bring life and joy to those around us!

Testimony from the DTS North Africa Team

"While the North Africa team was preparing for outreach, we prayed for North Africa and its people five times a day. Throughout those prayer times, the women of North Africa were highlighted to me over and over again. During a refugee home visit, we had the chance to pray over three women representing three different households. While we prayed, the Lord put on our hearts prophetic messages for one of the women in particular. As we shared with her, she broke down in tears and began to experience an emotional and spiritual breakthrough. Jesus was meeting her right where she needed to be met at, in the midst of foreigners from 4 different countries. This encounter reminded me of the power of Jesus—the way His love and kindness transcends language, race, culture, and any other barrier."

Alexia Castillo

Alexia Castillo, USA
DTS Student


Brand New Mediterranean DTS Coming Soon

Brand New Mediterranean DTS Coming Soon

We are also pleased to announce that we will be running a DTS this October on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in North Africa! For a long time, we’ve had the heart of offering this course and we are excited to see that God is now opening the doors to see it through. What makes this DTS different from the others we run at YWAM Lausanne is that it's actually not in Switzerland. The course is completely run in North Africa which gives the students such a unique opportunity to learn about missions while on mission. This setting removes the walls of the traditional classroom and replaces them with one-of-a-kind hands-on experience. We believe this is a key step in increasing our impact in this part of the world and are excited to see this innovative program bring transformation.

Life with the Lord Podcast

In this episode, we sit down with Daniel Fischer to discuss the 5 key words of biblical leadership he studied while doing an executive master's in global pioneering leadership with the UofN. Come join us as we explore more of what it means to lead in a biblical way and how we can apply it in daily life!


Invitation to Partner with Us

As a ministry, YWAM Lausanne is profoundly dependent on God's provisions. The generosity of people like you continue to allow us to provide training, evangelism outreaches and mercy ministries across the globe. We invite you to take a moment of prayerful consideration to support our ministry opportunities with a monthly or one-time donation. Partner with us to see an impact in our student’s lives and in those yet to be reached. Information can be found here. We are also glad to answer any questions you have.