FCM: Help From a Healed Heart

Foundations for Counseling Ministry: Minister to the hurting. Heal the broken. Restore the lost.

An FCM exposes you to the tender, radical, unconditional, intentional love of God. It deepens your understanding of His character as Father, Creator, Lover, and Friend that enable deep roots of truth to expand in your heart. Doing an FCM puts you in a position to recognize the value and love that has been stitched in and through you so that you can begin to walk in that identity. As you experience this, you are able to respond to others in the same way.

We were created with buckets to carry our capacity for love- a bucket of God-given needs that require continual filling. As humans, these needs are at the core of our beings and go beyond the external physical needs of shelter, food, and water. We need to be significant, to be secure, to have worth. We need to know that we matter and are important, that we are protected and not alone, and that we are accepted. It is in our nature to seek belonging and be affirmed; these needs don’t make us ‘needy’, they make us human. God desires to meet us right where we are and as we turn to Him as the ultimate Source, He is faithful to fill every lack to overflowing.

The fulfillment of these needs is represented in a full “love bucket”. As our needs are met, our buckets become more full. Yet, how often are we loved correctly and in the way we need? How often do we struggle to accept it? There are so many phrases of foggy lies from this world that we’ve taken as truth: “worthless”, “incapable”, “unlovable”… the list is endless. So many times I’ve believed that I need to “figure it out on my own”, that I’m “not good enough”, or questioned if I even matter. In the midst of these lies, we learn to meet our needs in our strength- with people, activities, responsibilities, positions, or escaping pain in other ways that make us feel full, temporarily. Most of my life I’ve lived without an awareness of just how cherished and treasured I am. That left me with a bucket full of holes, one that couldn’t hold any love poured into it and many failed attempts and deep wounds from trying to fill it in my own way.

The lectures of the FCM have a red cord right through them and that cord is the recognition of the value that Jesus has given us as redeemed, precious, priceless, and greatly loved. This changes everything- in particular, how we relate to and love God, ourselves, and others. In the process of that revelation, we begin to stand on that truth and our “love bucket” is renewed and filled by God. In that shift of perspective of how we view ourselves, our perspective of the world shifts as well. We are able to love from a place of being loved, rather than a place of seeking love. We are able to help from a healed heart, rather than a hurting, hiding heart. We point others to Jesus rather than to ourselves. In order to reflect the heart of God in a way that initiates healing and restoration, we need a constant encounter with the heart of God; to live face to face with the One that loves us most.

FCM is a place to learn and be equipped on how to counsel others and how to walk through a process of healing broken lives and hearts. But the first heart that is counseled and begins that process is yours. From that revelation comes the ability and the authority to walk with others. Ultimately, the goal of FCM is not only to give knowledge of methods of counseling, but it is to be realigned with the heart of God in a way that can be reflected so those around you can do the same. The ultimate goal of FCM is more of Jesus in us so that there be more of Jesus everywhere.

Madison (Arizona, USA) is currently a student in FCM.

The next Foundations for Counseling Ministry school will happen in the summer of 2018. Read more about FCM on our website: http://www.ywamlausanne.com/foundations-for-counseling-ministry/#schools

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