Have a Question?

If this is your first time to come to Switzerland, you are bound to have some questions. The good thing is, we have the answers. Check out our FAQs below to see if the answer is there, or send us a message if you have a more specific question. We are here to help you out!

How long is DTS?

Our Discipleship Training Schools last five months and consist of a three-month lecture phase followed by a two-month outreach phase. Your final week will be back at our base in Switzerland for a time of debriefing.

How do I finance my school?

Here at YWAM, we trust God’s provision for our financial needs. There are plenty of ways to trust God with your financial needs. God provides through work savings, the support of family, friends, and church, or other miraculous networks. This is a practical way for others to be a part of God’s work.

Take time to prayerfully consider how to fulfill your part of the financial responsibility. You can prayerfully consider and articulate your vision—inviting others to share in the blessing by participating financially and spiritually. Plan a fundraising party or invite people one on one to support you with one-time or monthly donations. Lecture fees are due on the first full day of your lecture phase. If you have questions about fundraising, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

I’m a parent of a DTS student. How can I help my child prepare?

Here at YWAM Lausanne, we understand that sometimes it takes more courage to send your children to DTS than it does for them to come. We value family throughout the journey—from the application process to the update calls while here. There are many ways you can be supporting them through this incredible time. Watch their roots grow deeper and their capacity expand as God works in their lives through your prayers. Feel free to prepare them for this time with prayerful words of encouragement. You can also send them care packages to the address on our contact page.

We invite you to explore our website. If you have any specific questions, we would love to chat with you. Contact us at [email protected].

How do I prepare to come?

So you’ve decided to come to YWAM Lausanne. Welcome. Get stoked. Your transformation starts now—even before you approach our doorstep.

Get your heart right by praying in expectation for this time: God, what do you want to teach me? How do you want to prepare me? What do you want me to bring to this community? As questions and hopes start to arise, record them and see how God nurtures and grows you through them.

Here are some practical ways to get ready:
Preparing to Come
What to Bring

Do I need a visa?

We encourage every DTS student to get a student visa. Upon acceptance, we can give you information you will need for your visa application. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible as the visa application can be a lengthy process – even ten weeks depending on where and when you apply. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] and your local embassy for more information.
Note: To be have a student visa fully approved, adequate health insurance is required that meets Swiss health insurance law. Please contact us for assistance on what health insurance options are available.

How much cash should I bring?

Of course this is a personal decision, but you shouldn’t need to travel with very much cash. There are plenty of ATMs nearby where you can withdraw spending money if needed, and most stores take major credit or debit cards. Just be sure to tell your bank before you travel so you can still access your debit or credit card in a foreign country.

Can I travel during DTS?

We encourage our students to see more of Europe while they are here. It is possible to travel on weekends during the lecture phase of the school, but be sure and check with your school leader about specific dates. There may be ministry activities planned on the weekend already so email [email protected] before you book your tickets.

More information about transportation in Switzerland:

Preparing to Come

Should I purchase health insurance before my DTS?

Our DTS students must purchase health insurance that meets the Swiss government’s requirements. For non-Europeans, this means they will go with our recommended providor, Swisscare. You do not need to purchase this before you arrive but will be registered for Swisscare on registration day. But please be sure to budget 430 CHF to cover the cost of health insurance during your DTS.

More information about health insurance:

Preparing to Come

When will we know the outreach locations?

After completing your lecture phase of DTS in Lausanne, you will travel to another nation for two months, continuing in your journey to know God and make Him known wherever you go. Staff and the base leadership spend time praying and seeking God for where the teams should go, but the locations for the DTS are not finalized until after the students have arrived in Switzerland. We want to get to know the students and see which outreach locations are a good match for their talents, personalities, and passions. After outreach locations are announced, students have time to pray about the options and seek wise counsel from parents before submitting their choice to the staff. The whole process is covered in prayer as we seek God’s will in this area.

Will I share a room?

DTS students sleep in a dorm-style setting in our Chalet. You will share a room with anywhere from three to seven other people, so remember as you pack that there is limited storage in the bedrooms. Bedding is provided.

For more information on our campus:

Campus Tour

Do I need to speak French to do a school at YWAM Lausanne?

Lausanne is located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, but English is the the main language we use to communicate on the base. So French fluency is not necessary to take a school here. When we go to the city for local outreach, we encounter many French speakers so it good to know some French. However, there are many people in the city who also speak English, Spanish, German, and other languages.

Are there local churches I can attend?

We encourage students and staff to participate in local church communities. There are nearby churches that are good options for English speakers. Your school staff can show you how to get to them by using the bus and metro system.

Do I need to complete a DTS to do other schools with YWAM?

A successfully completed Discipleship Training School is the prerequisite for most YWAM training courses. Once you have completed a DTS, there are many other University of the Nations courses you can apply for in areas including counseling, health, Bible study, communications, community development and justice, and many more. To explore the courses offered at YWAM Lausanne, go to our Training Programs.

Some short-term outreaches and seminars are open for people who have not yet completed a DTS, and mission building is another opportunity open to everyone willing to use their skills to volunteer at YWAM Lausanne.

What are some fun things to do at the base?

Check out our campus life page for info about what’s happening at YWAM Lausanne. There’s always something to do, whether you enjoy hiking, hanging out with new friends, or joining one of the events put on by our community life group.

How do I get from the Geneva airport to the base in Lausanne?

On the arrival day for your school, we will meet you at the Lausanne train station. Watch this video to learn how to take the train from the Geneva airport to Lausanne. We’ll see you soon!

How is an Outdoor DTS different from a classic DTS?

In the Outdoor DTS, we will have activities, like hiking and rock climbing, connected with what we are learning in our lectures. We still have all the DTS elements and cover topics like the nature and character of God, hearing God’s voice and identity in Christ, but we learn within the context of our outdoor activities as well during the week, such as climbing, hiking, and cycling.  Sometimes our classroom will be outdoors, surrounded by the Swiss Alps. We stay at the YWAM Lausanne base but we will also have some camping trips and so lectures could take place outdoors around the campfire. This school is about inviting God into every area of lives.

Who can attend an Outdoor DTS?

You don’t have to be an experienced hiker, climber or camper to come. The most important thing is that you enjoy being outdoors and in nature. If you want to learn in this area and improve your skills, you are welcome to join us this summer. The school is set up so that we learn skills together and we’ll have teaching on different topics so that you grow in your confidence. So the main thing is that you come with a desire to be outdoors and active.

Why is Switzerland a good place to do an outdoor DTS?

Switzerland is a beautiful country with some stunning aspects of creation, like mountains, lakes, and forests. Swiss people love nature and being active, so it’s an integral part of our culture to appreciate the outdoors. We also have a well-maintained network of hiking trails, which are interconnected all over the nation. We have about 65,000 kilometers of hiking trails, which if arraigned into a straight line would wrap around the globe one and half times. And the cool thing is volunteers maintain many of these trails. So being outdoors and active in nature is something that Swiss people value.

Still have questions?

Send us a message and one of our staff will get back to you as quickly as they can.