Event Management Seminar

Building platforms to share God’s truth.

Seminar Overview

God’s purposes for the sphere of celebration is to strengthen hope and build community. Ever since the days of Jubal (Gen 4:21), balladeers and artists have used their skills to entertain people and speak to the heart of their culture. In the Bible, these artistic gifts are often identified with the prophetic ministry.

After the seminar, participants implement their knowledge and engage in Regeneration, a two-week outreach at a well-known music festival. Christians and performing artists from all over the world join the outreach to present the Gospel message in creative and powerful ways to hundreds of attendees on a daily basis.

Seminar Details

Seminar Information

The seminar purpose is to train students in a short, intensive seminar of six weeks to create events that impacts society with the Gospel message. This will have a strong hands-on learning emphasis and each participant will have the opportunity to carry different roles for the following outreach.The content includes:

  • Role of the arts and celebration
  • Project Leadership
  • Event-planning components
  • Hospitality
  • Networking
  • Spiritual warfare

After this entry-level seminar, the option to continue and finish with an associate degree in Community and Outreach Event Leadership is possible!

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