Event Management Seminar II

Building platforms to share God’s truth.

Seminar Overview

God’s purposes for the sphere of celebration is to strengthen hope and build community. Ever since the days of Jubal (Gen 4:21), balladeers and artists have used their skills to entertain people and speak to the heart of their culture. In the Bible, these artistic gifts are often identified with the prophetic ministry. Through event planning, we have the ability to create beauty and order to display God’s character to others.

Seminar Details
  • EMS II Lecture part 1: June 3 – 28
  • EMS II Outreach: June 29 – July 13
  • EMS II Lecture part 2: July 15 – 18

Seminar Information

This seminar is to provide further training to students in a short but intensive course of five weeks. Our goal is to provide the tools and skills to create events that impact society and with the gospel message by creating platforms and bridges to communicate God’s truth. There will be a heavy emphasis on hands-on learning for each participant. YWAM Lausanne is a great location for event management training as it is served in many international events for the mission. They will also have the opportunity to carry different roles in the outreach opportunities we offer.

  • Marketing/Communication/Promotion/Graphic design/social media
  • Sponsorship/Budgeting/Bookkeeping/grant writing
  • Production: Technical /Set up/Backstage/bump out
  • Timeline/Planning/Database/office systems and different Apps platforms to use
  • Conference coordinating/décor/registration/logistics

After the seminar, participants can implement their knowledge and engage in Regeneration, a two-week outreach at the well-known music festival in Montreux, Switzerland. Christians and performing artists from all over the world join the outreach to present the Gospel message in creative and powerful ways to hundreds of attendees on a daily basis.

There is also another opportunity to engage with the skills learned at the seminar; participants will also have the option of participating in U of N global gatherings and workshops. This past year’s participants traveled to Thailand for the YWAM together conference this past summer.

This event management seminar is available to those who have completed EMS1, our Hospitality Seminar or have had previous event training. After the completion of this second seminar, there is an opportunity to finish with an Associate Arts (AA) degree with the University of the Nations. Students graduating with an AA in Event Management will learn how to run events, including how to develop a programme, work as part of a team, develop a marketing strategy, manage a budget and use a SWOT analysis. They will have hands-on practical experience organizing events so as to apply their classroom learning in the nations.

Regen – jks2-45

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