The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and life is full of beauty and challenges. But for some people each day is yet another day to struggle through as they drown in apathy. Rejecting apathy can seem like a losing battle when you don`t know how you got there, why, or even how to get out.

It is easy to shut the world out in apathy when you feel overwhelmed by problems, worries, or just plain fear of facing the future. It can feel as though you don`t have the necessary emotional strength or ability to cope with so many difficult situations overlapping in your daily life. It is much easier to simply give up.

You may hear that small inner voice blaming you that this isn’t what you learned. It’s not aligned with your values or principles, and slowly this voice pushes you further down in apathy.

But rejecting apathy is possible. It begins by reminding yourself of a memory that brings hope back to your heart. It is a small step, but you can overcome apathy if you focus steadily on hope.

Do a little exercise and bring to mind a memory of the last thing you hoped for, and plan one or two steps you can take again in that direction.

What do you need to overcome this apathy? More understanding? Guidance? Where can you turn to find help or the resources you need? Make a decision, and do something about it.

It is not magic. It demands effort to start actively rejecting apathy. We all struggle with it, and there are seasons in our lives where we do better, and some where we do worse. It is a constant battle.

With small daily victories over apathy, we can manage to live actively each day and grow in our expectations and hopes.

If you need more training, work on developing skills that can help you and change some habits in your life.  Be brave and go for it.

Let’s reject apathy


Isabel Zwahlen (Brazil) is involved with our Living Word School, coming up this fall. Find out more about the Living Word School here.


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