In 5 months time, if I were to look back on where I am right now, I would remember them as the
months when I met some of my best friends. It’s the second week and i’m beginning to build
friendship and see connections around me that are going last a lifetime. Once I became aware
of this I prayed that I would never take these moments for granted because the birth of new
friendships is truly something beautiful, especially when we all share the same love and fiery
passion for our Creator. Our class is growing closer everyday and after a mountain trip over the
weekend, everyone has become more comfortable with being themselves.

With friends swimming at Lutry.


As we have grown together we also got into our second week of lectures. If I used just one word 
to sum up this week’s lectures, it’s would be conviction. In so many areas I have felt convicted 
this week. I have realised that I don’t read my bible anywhere near as much as I should, I find 
I’m always judging others, I’m not humbling myself enough, and all too often I conform to the 
ways of the world and not to the ways of Christ. But conviction is so good, this week I have 
come to appreciate how God has designed us to feel conviction so we can find him in our 
repentance and see how merciful and graceful he is. Romans 2:4 says it’s his kindness that 
leads us to repentance. This week I have been able to understand that conviction is a feeling 
that enables us to identify wrongdoing so that we can understand that there is hope through the 
unwavering forgiveness of God.  
To finish the week off, a group of friends from my Discipleship training school (DTS) and I
headed down to to a lakeside village called Lutry to recharge after a thought provoking week
and to soak up the last of the sun before the season changes. I was sitting on the side of the
pontoon we had set up on, watching my new friends jump into the icy lake, snacking on Swiss
chocolate biscuits, and scream singing John Mayer songs. Without wanting to sound cliche, I
looked out across the lake with the french mountain range in a haze ahead of me and in
admiration of his creation I heard God tell me to be still. I’m aware that I’m always in a rush and
I’m always expectant for what is next, so much so that I hardly sit in the season I’m in and just
appreciate where I am. I can already tell that this DTS is going to change my life in ways I can’t
predict. God was reminding me that I need to be still, enjoy my surroundings, and not rush
where my life is at right now. I felt urged to stop rushing onto the next thing because i’ll miss
what he is showing me. How can I learn to be more present in the season God has put me in?

Mountain Trip to the Matterhorn with my DTS.

I was dwelling on this for the rest of the day and when we got back to campus, I went to the prayer room and listened to “Be Still” By Hillsong. A song that speaks so much power and authority. “Be still and trust what the Lord has said is done.” This line in the song continues to remind me that God has called me to be present in this season of life, and after my weekend revelations I now understand that I need spend more time focusing on the present than worrying about the future. To be fully absorbent to everything a DTS offers, I need to make sure my attitude and mindset is aligned with what is being taught. I’ve spent this week shifting my mindset so I can come before God and be receptive to what he is telling me now opposed to questions about the future. I have been meditating on Exodus 14:14, and have found so much comfort in knowing that God is on my side and I don’t need to worry about the things to come.

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” – Exodus 14:14

I look back to my mindset when I first arrived here and it’s incredible to see how God has slowly been revealing his character to me in a way that encourages me to drop everything and relentlessly pursue him alone. He continues to break down the parts of my life that are prideful and that reflect the things of the world so he can bring conviction where it’s needed. In doing this he is able to restore me in the most beautiful way, which makes me so excited for the months ahead.


Talia (New Zealand), is currently doing her DTS, and is fulfilling her practical ministry in the communications department here at YWAM Lausanne


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