There is a variety of emotions that come leading up to a Discipleship Training School (DTS) and arrival on campus; for me it was excitement to grow a deeper relationship with God, fear of the unknown, anxiety about the people I was yet to meet, and slight apprehension about the quality of the food! However, I seemed to feel an overwhelming sense of peace about it all. An unexplainable peace that made any negative emotion feel powerless. “If God calls you down a certain path in life he’ll never leave or forsake you,” I remember hearing this in a podcast about God’s calling when I was trying to figure out why I had felt called to do a DTS with YWAM in Switzerland. I knew this peace came from God; such a comforting revelation even before arriving! It was an assurance that he would be there the whole way, and rest assured after a week of campus living I can confidently say the food is delicious!

My roommates Irina and Miriam.

My DTS staff made my arrival easy, they met me at the airport and put me on the right train which led me to some more staff. Before I knew it I was at the campus introducing myself to the people with whom I’ve now spent the last 7 days. I moved into my room and slowly unpacked my bags. Trying to navigate closet space with 6 girls sure is interesting… especially when there’s only one closet! In saying that, communal living has taught me so much already; respecting one another’s space, time, and sleeping habits is essential! Despite learning to be what seems like an unreasonable level of consideration, I’ve found sharing a room with 6 girls fun! I feel like I’m 10 years old again at a girly sleepover. They have already become my sisters and it’s only been a week! Staying up, sharing stories, sharing clothes, and having girls that you spend 24 hours a day with is the fastest way to build a strong community of women who uplift and encourage each other every day!

The first week of lectures has also been awakening; this week’s lecture has been about understanding the heart of God and how he communicates. Seeing the way God has moved in such little time is a testament to how powerful our creator really is. Through all our learning, as a class, we are establishing our community and creating a safe environment to be vulnerable. I’m not going to lie, it’s been intimidating looking at the teaching to come and observing how wise and knowledgeable my classmates are.

View from my bedroom window.

Each individual in my DTS has a very different background. There’s a whole pallet of personality colours that contribute to the painting that our class is, but the reality of this is that not everyone will click instantly or be best friends. (But let’s be realistic, that applies in any environment in life.) What’s important to remember in times of frustration is that God has called us all here to serve his kingdom and make him known. We are all children of God despite our differences, and I’m trying to adopt this attitude not only to be aware of others but to make sure I get the best out of my time here. My like-minded roommate taught me a Hebrew saying on the second day when she saw I was struggling; “Be Kol Adam Yesh Or,” which means, “In everyone, there is a light.” This has been so beneficial to me because it has taught me to always look for the good in someone before making any prejudices. I’m not perfect and I often find myself being critical and judgemental, but I already know YWAM doesn’t want perfect people, why would you need to do a DTS if you were perfect?! I can only become a better version of myself if I become more like Christ, and the only way I can do that is by being open to learning more about him and the way he continues to love his people.

Talia (New Zealand), is currently doing her DTS, and is fulfilling her practical ministry in the communications department here at YWAM Lausanne


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