Community Life at YWAM Lausanne

Here at YWAM Lausanne we have a hardworking team focused on building our community and facilitating meaningful relationships. Through many fun events and weekly routines, our community life team ensures that YWAM Lausanne remains relationship oriented and practices hospitality – two of the foundational values of Youth With a Mission.

So, what are some of the exciting things we get up to here at YWAM Lausanne?

Community Field Trips

Every quarter the community schedules a ‘mountain trip.’ On the mountain trip, which is often to the Matterhorn in Zermatt, you will have the opportunity to explore the surrounding village (eat the food and take some good photos), go on a mountain hike, or in the right season, ski and snowboard.

Depending on your school, there may be a few other specialized field-trips as well!

You’re in Switzerland!

You will have lots of opportunities to go out on weekends with members of the community to play sports. Soccer, and volleyball, hiking or swimming are favourites in the warmer months whilst the colder months provide the perfect opportunity for skiing and snowboarding.

We also definitely encourage you to explore Switzerland and even surrounding Europe on days off. There is just so many amazing things to see!

Café night

Are you a performer? Or perhaps not but you would like to give it a try anyway? Café night could be your time to shine! Our show case night is always full of laughter and fun and is certainly one of the best nights of the quarter.

Community celebrations

We get together as a community several times in each quarter to celebrate!

We hold quarterly ‘Swiss nights’ where we learn about Swiss culture, play games, give awards for being best dressed, and, importantly, we eat lots of cheese and chocolate.

We also celebrate holidays from all around the globe to honor the many nations we represent. Whether we’re celebrating lunar New Year, thanksgiving, Easter or Swiss day, we love to find a reason to get together as a YWAM Lausanne family and have fun!

Our weekly rhythm

Built into our school schedules is time each week for our staff and students to get together to participate in important, community shaping practises.

Two of those important practices are worship and intercessory prayer. We believe that as our community gets together to worship the Lord and pray for the nations our hearts desires begin to align with His.

To remind ourselves to ‘look outwards’ we have weekly Ministry Circles and Local Outreach and daily Practical Ministries:

Ministry Circles are an opportunity to join a ministry of your choice that you feel will develop you during this season. This could be feeding the homeless, worship team or any other of the ministries available during your quarter.

During local outreach, staff and students head to the Lausanne city square to share the Gospel. We believe that as followers of Christ we should be fulfilling the ‘Great Commission’ and making disciples of the nations. Our heart burns for the people in our city to know Christ and we are inviting you to share in that passion!

Every day, as a break between lectures and assignments, Practical Ministry gives the opportunity to apply all that you have been learning. You will find that your hearts becomes transformed as you serve others around you just as Jesus did 2000 years ago. Depending on your school and specific skills you will be placed into a Practical Ministry. Cooking, cleaning, media, childcare and maintenance are some examples of what you may be participating in!

Hear from our students

Keen to know what our students think about community life at YWAM Lausanne? Hear from three of three of them:

David, USA, a 2018 Discipleship Training School student:

“Last year on DTS I went snowboarding and did sports almost every weekend. You make so many friends playing sport and get to meet lots of people from the community that you might have not known otherwise. YWAM Lausanne has become like a home away from home.”

Nancy, North Africa, a 2017 Ministry and Leadership Development School student:

“During my MLD I felt that our class really became a family. Sharing meals, going out on the weekends and planning community celebrations, drew us closer to each other. My experience wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for the lasting friendships that I made.”

Yu Jin, South Korea, a 2018 Discipleship Training School Student:

“On my DTS I was impacted by the closeness shared between me and my roommates. As we would get together and pray for one another we made deep connections and got to support each other through ups and downs… We shared lots of laughter, tears, early mornings and late nights!”

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