5 Reasons Why Millennials Make Great Missionaries

5 Reasons Why Millennials make great Missionaries

As Millennials we take a lot of flak. We’re lazy, depressed, discontent and entitled snowflakes who dream about making an impact, are addicted to our phones, want participation medals and a 30 hour work week. We get it, it’s that age-old comparison of one generation saying they had it harder than the next one. It’s the ‘I had to walk to school uphill both ways barefoot in the snow’ story. But are we really that bad? If so how is it that this sensitive and coddled generation is part of the largest missions movement in history? Maybe it’s because these millennial traits are actually what make us great missionaries.

1. We are sensitive: Something hurts within us when we see images of over-crowded refugee camps, hear stories of corrupt businesses and witness rights and freedoms of the vulnerable being violated. This generation doesn’t like to accept the way that things are. We want change because we see something we disagree with and are sensitive enough to be moved to do something about it.

2. We want impact: We don’t want to live a life that doesn’t positively influence people around us. The notion of working hard to save for a big house, a big RV, or a golf club membership no longer seems satisfying since in the end those things only serve us. We want to live lives that matter and we know the way to do that is through serving those who most people think don’t matter.

3. We are addicted to our phones: Technology lets us know instantly: when disaster hits, when war breaks out, the situation of that tribe in the Amazon or about the life of that nomadic people group in the desert. We can’t just say “well what about that tribe in the jungle who has never met a missionary?” We now can know the name of that tribe, the location, their needs and we want to go!

4. We are naive: We really do think we can do anything. We actually think we can go to a foreign nation that we have never heard of before and make a difference. We might not have an answer to abject poverty, child slavery or forced displacement, but we think we can do something about it and are willing to try. 

5. We are discontent: We don’t want to wake up every morning to a career but to a calling. A career that results in material affluence is no longer enough motivation. We need a calling that gives us real-life experiences. We don’t want to work for someone or some amount but for something. We are longing for a mission to be a part of.   

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