Have you ever wondered what it is like to do your Discipleship Training School in Switzerland? Here are 21 reasons you should APPLY NOW to do your DTS in Lausanne!


1. MOUNTAINS EVERYWHERE. And by everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE. Switzerland is located right in the Alpes, so you get incredible views wherever you go!

2. EASY access to European countries! Swiss trains are always on time and incredibly efficient! Grab a buddy and take a weekend trip to Paris or Rome to create some great memories!

3. You can experience quiet walks with God in a beautiful Forrest RIGHT next to your home!

4. You’ll get to try out some of the AWESOME and hip coffee spots Lausanne has to offer, like our favorite, Sleepy Bear Coffee next to the city’s train station!

5. Sweet bonfires ALL the time! Some of the best moments in this YWAM community are spent sharing life stories, cultures, and languages with friends around a beautiful campfire!

6. Every week you will get to reach out to the streets of Lausanne! You will have an opportunity to share the gospel, build relationships with the locals, and even brush up on your French skills! 

6.  You will live in a beautiful Chalet with other missionaries from all over the world!

7.  ADVENTURE! Switzerland is paradise for the outdoors lover! Who’s up for a sunrise hike in the Alps?!

8. I mean, THIS could be your view…..



11. Did we mention Coffee? Here at YWAM Lausanne, we have our very own Coffee Shop run by the most friendly baristas! Stop in for a cuppa and a good chat!

12. Most Monday Nights you will have an opportunity to reach out to the Red Light district in Lausanne. We love to bring the love of Jesus to the women working on the streets, and build fruitful relationships with them!

13. Experience the rich culture of Swiss hospitality! The Swiss put an emphasis on high-quality hospitality, and once you have experienced it, you will definitely value it as well!

14. SNOW!

15. And when it’s warm out, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the beautiful Lake Geneva! 

16. Walk the historic streets, shop, and admire the GORGEOUS architecture of this city! 

17. Spend time every week in an awesome community praying and interceding for the world! 

18. History!!! The French-speaking region of Switzerland is known for being a hotspot for history fanatics!

19. And speaking of history….Lausanne is the VERY FIRST YWAM training location established in 1969! How cool is that?!

20. Snow sports! Between skiing, snowboarding, snow-tubing, there are options for everyone to enjoy the Swiss Winter! 

21. And in case we forgot to mention….THIS VIEW!!!!


Now, what are you waiting for!? Inquire now about our upcoming DTS!