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Discipleship Training School

Own your faith and discover a life of fulfillment through sharing the love of God with the nations. We run 5 discipleship training schools (DTS) throughout the year.
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“He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.’”
Mark 16:15


THE PURPOSE OF A Discipleship Training School (DTS) IS TO…

Inspire your relationship with God.

CULTIVATE growth in your Christ-like character through timeless biblical principles.

SHARPEN your ability to work with, learn from, and relate to people of different cultures, personalities, and perspectives.

EQUIP you by giving you both skills and experience to further the Kingdom wherever you go.

IMPART the vision and foundational values of Youth With A Mission International, as well as that of the host outreach location.

2 Phases

The Discipleship Training School is split up into two phases:

1. Lecture Phase

2. Outreach Phase

Lecture Phase Title

1. Lecture Phase (12 weeks)

Begin with three months of inspiring teaching.

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What is lecture phase all about?

The Discipleship Training School lecture phase is a unique, 11-week opportunity to deepen your relationship with the Lord Jesus while being prepared to go out to the nations.
From life-changing teaching to powerful worship times, this training school offers an environment that facilitates the growth and development of your gifts. Daily lectures from world-class speakers provide the content,principles, and opportunities for the word of God to speak to you. Our dedicated school staff are eager to come alongside you to encourage, instruct, and lead by example as they disciple you throughout these five months.

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Lecture Topics

What will we learn?

  • Week 1: YWAM Family and community
  • Week 2: Nature and Character of God
  • Week 3: God’s Story (the Bible) and Our story
  • Week 4: Worship, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare
  • Week 5: Jesus, Sin, and the Cross
  • Week 6: Holy Spirit and Discipleship: Becoming like Jesus
  • Week 7: Making Jesus Lord
  • Week 8: Calling, Destiny, and Identity
  • Week 9: Biblical Christian Worldview
  • Week 10: The Missions Mandate: Called to the All.
  • Week 11: The Power of the Gospel (Evangelism)
  • Week 12: Working Together, Outreach Prep and Discipling Nations

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Doing your DTS in Switzerland

Experience diversity in a land that self proclaims its rich heritage of “unity but not uniformity.” Switzerland is a land of four national languages, mountains, world-renowned cities, and historical figures. Meet the Swiss Alps face to face and explore this excellent country on your DTS.

Swiss Night

Fondue, chocolate, and cowbells make Switzerland the iconic country it is! Swiss Night is one of the YWAM Lausanne’s favorite events filled with games, history, and delicious food. Every quarter, we have a great event for the people of the campus to get to know each other and learn about Swiss culture.

Living in Lausanne

Discover your favorite coffee shop in the city of Lausanne or explore the countryside with Switzerland’s outstanding public transport system. Our campus is located a convenient 20 minutes from the center of town and 35 minutes from Lake Geneva. In this bustling center of culture and commerce, you’ll never run out of new ideas and activities to do. There is also a vast forest full of numerous walking trails to discover right beside our campus.

Mountain Trips

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, let your jaw drop as you ponder God’s magnificence on the mountaintops. In the winter, you can dust off your snowboard, skis, or snow-shoes and trek the natural beauty that lies within a 45-minute drive off of campus. When the weather gets hotter, put on your sunglasses to hike, climb, or mountain bike with breathtaking views.


2. Outreach Phase (8 weeks)

Go out and make Him known among the nations.

Outreach is the two-month portion of the YWAM DTS when you and your outreach team get to serve in another country. Each outreach is unique depending on where you go. Your ministry will adapt to meet the needs of the local situations with a heavy emphasis on evangelism.
Past outreach teams have engaged in construction projects, teaching English, and serving children’s programs. Your team leaders will do all they can to plan for activities and ministry but be ready for unexpected invitations.

You may have times when a pastor calls on your team to lead the church service five minutes before it starts. This allows an opportunity for you to step out in faith and witness God move in massive ways!
Outreach will always keep you on your toes. You have a commission from God to go, and you will find that flexibility and a sense of humor are handy prerequisites. No matter where in the world you end up, you’ll be sure to witness and be transformed by the power of God.

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Why Outreach & Be part of a team

Why an outreach?

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus commands that we go and make disciples. We believe discipleship is not complete until you begin to make disciples. On outreach, you get to “change the classroom” and grow in your discipleship through service. The heart, knowledge, and skills you have gained over the lecture phase can be shared with communities desperately in need of God’s love and freedom. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will give you glimpses of God’s diversity as you see reflections of Him in different cultures.

Be part of a team

Teams that have bonded well know how to support each other and are ready to love the people they serve. Functioning in teams is a skill that you can carry with you into every area of your life. Teamwork and unity are keys for effective outreach. Outreach teams will be formed and built during the lecture phase. Together you will prepare for your trip through ongoing prayer for the people of the nations in which you will minister. You will learn creative ways to connect with people, learn how to share your testimonies, and endure everyone’s personal favorite… getting immunizations.


Equip & Empower Nations

So you’ve spent months in lecture learning God’s heart for the nations. You are bursting with joy and eagerness to share. Now go, dear friend, go forth and disciple those nations with skill and compassion.

Go make disciples

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus commands that we go and make disciples. We believe discipleship is not complete until you begin to make disciples. On outreach, you get to “change the classroom” and grow in your discipleship through service.