Dec. 2023 Update

Dec. 2023 Update

Dec. 2023 Update

December 15th, 2023 | Vol. 4 No. 12


Celebrating Loren's Life


Dear Friends,

Certain moments in life become milestones, etched in our memories with the indelible ink of significance. December 9th stands as one of those instances. On this day, hundreds of YWAM'ers, alumni, and friends who love Loren, gathered to celebrate the extraordinary life of Loren Cunningham. The gathering was a testament to the profound impact Loren had on countless lives, whom he had released into global missions. You can experience the celebration of life here.

We listened to heartfelt speeches from the Darlene and the Cunningham family, had glimpses into Loren's life and messages, and received a father’s blessing from Loren. It truly was a milestone moment—a juncture where God's presence was evident, deepening our commitment to follow Loren's example: to love God, to listen and obey, and never give up.


Following the celebration of Loren's life, we continued to honor and reflect on his legacy. At YWAM Lausanne we conducted a symbolic tree-planting ceremony that underscored the fruitfulness of Loren's life, while an expo allowed us to dwell in the inspiring narrative of this hero of the faith. From Loren's initial call to missions as a young boy to his unyielding love for God and relentless dedication to the great commission until his final days, his life story beckons us to echo the same heart cry to follow God wholeheartedly.

We are grateful for the life of our friend and founder. May we all be blessed to know and follow God as Loren did.

Markus and Anita, Emeline, Daniel, and Jordan


Life with the Lord Podcast

In this episode we sit down with Edson Suzuki. He has been working in the mission field with the indigenous tribes in Brazil bt also with international projects like Oral Bible translation. Today we cover the crosscultural message of the Gospel, and the importance to have this message in our mother tongues.


Stories from North Africa

This story is the testimony of one of our students, Wahbe from Sudan.

"I never understood what it meant to hear the voice of God and never experienced it before.  When I came here to do DTS, we had a week on hearing God’s voice. In my heart I wanted to hear His voice but I had no idea how or what that meant. During the week I was struggling and frustrated because in my heart I wanted to hear but I couldn’t hear anything. So I started to pray and asked other people what to do. They all would say that I need to ask God and wait for Him to speak, so I did. 

One night during the week, I was sleeping and all of a sudden I heard a voice say “Romans 8”. That was all, but it was so clear that I woke up. I thought someone in the room had said it to me but when I woke up everyone was still sleeping. Then I went back to sleep. The next morning in my quiet time, I opened up to Romans 8 because I didn’t know what it said. I read the whole chapter and as I read I found myself in the story. I felt God was talking to me directly through this chapter, especially in verse 18 which says “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”


Wahbe, Holding the sudanese flag.

Throughout my life I have been through so much suffering. I would always focus on the suffering and often even complain, ‘no one supports me, I don’t have family, I feel alone’ all these things, but when I read this, I felt hope in my heart. He said to me “I am your Father! Even though you have no earthly mother or father, I love you and will be your good Father” God really spoke to me that all the sufferings and pains that happened to me in the past are nothing compared to the joy awaiting me in the coming days as I walk with Him. His words to me gave brought so much hope!

Through this time I realized that hearing the voice of God is not just to hear Him but when we obey Him it brings us into relationship with Him. If I had heard His voice in my sleep but didn’t open up and read the verse, I wouldn’t have seen the richness of what he had to say to me in Romans 8.

Hearing God’s voice is all about relationship and intimacy with him as a friend. We hear him, so we can obey him, so that we can grow closer with Him! 

Before this school I never had a real relationship with Him, but in the DTS I have come to know more about God. I now have a real, deep relationship with Him as I hear and obey His voice!”

Wahbe, Student in North Africa, Mediterranean DTS


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Thank you

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