Dec. 2022 Update

Dec. 2022 Update

Dec. 15th, 2022 | Vol. 3 No. 12

2022 year end video

Our 2022 recap video


A Fruitful Year of Training

CCC session

2022 has been a spectacular year of training. As we have crossed the Jordan as a community, the doors are opening ever wider to train more young people, in more ways, for more of what God has for them. We ran a total of four discipleship training schools, two of which were bilingual (ko/en & fr/en). Alongside this, we also ran a total of seven Bible programs ranging in length from 6 weeks to a whole year. This year also saw the pioneering of a School of Worship (SOW) and the restarting of a Community Development School (CDS) on our campus. Both of these incredible courses equip students with specialized skills that enable them to be exponentially more fruitful in missions.

Speaking of specialized training, we also put on another Create and Communicate Seminar focused on video production. We look forward to continuing these programs in the next year along with other new specialized courses to equip more young people to make a deeper impact in specific areas. One other area of growth has been the continuation of the new format of the Ministry and Leadership Development School (MLD) which we have run twice this year. We rejoice at all the transformation and fruitfulness these courses have yielded and look forward with anticipation to the impact they will have into eternity through the lives of the students they have touched.


Going to the Nations & the Neighborhood

NAO outreach

Much like training, outreach has flourished in our community this year. We sent out teams from each DTS, the CDS, the SOW, and two special teams made up of students and staff from our various Bible programs. This fusion of students from the different courses created a unique diversity which increased the fruitfulness of the outreach. We also made new inroads with our long-term focus on North Africa by putting on additional NAOs.

Kindgom come

While we sent many teams to the nations, we also dramatically expanded our outreach efforts in our own region. Through our weekly local outreach and large events like Kingdom Come in the city and the 2-week Regen Outreach at the Montreaux music festival, we have innovated and expanded the reach of our ministry. This has proved very fruitful and paved new inroads into reaching our region we are excited to expand upon in the coming year.

Life with the Lord Podcast

In this holiday episode, we explore the purpose and meaning behind the church tradition of advent with Daniel. Join us in this dialogue about how this practice can help prepare our hearts and minds to celebrate the coming of Christ.


First Music Single Released

Ebenezer Artwork

As a capstone of their course, our School of Worship recorded an album of worship music. The record, called "Ebenezer," is comprised of an original song from each of the students. This collection of songs celebrates the faith and strength that comes from trusting in God's promises. The name "Ebenezer" from the Hebrew term for an altar or place of worship to the Lord. Ahead of the full album release, we are releasing a single today! The single is called "Ascribe" and is based on Psalm 96. In "Ascribe," we declare that God is worthy of all our praise and adoration. He deserves all glory and honor. "Ebenezer" will soon be available on all major music platforms. We invite you to listen, share, and worship along with us as we celebrate the goodness of God. Until then, we hope you enjoy "Ascribe."

Ascribe Song

Click to listen to "Ascribe"


Thank You for Your Partnership

As we complete another year of training, equipping, and sending young people from the nations to the nations, we want to say thank you to all of you. We are so thankful to each and every one of you who has partnered with us in prayer, finances, and a myriad of other ways. Together we are seeing the world filled with more and more of the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas.